Apostacon early registration now available.

Not joking or embellishing: Apostacon is the type of conference I (and I’m pretty sure every other organizer) always dreamed of running.  It’s taking place at a hotel with massive indoor water park, including a four-story water slide.  Tickets to said water park will be included in the cost of a hotel room, which the organizers have arranged for attendees at a reduced rate.  There will be a costume ball.  There is a pirate-themed restaurant on site! Info on all that shiz is right here.

Seriously, for all my irreverent organizing back in the day, how did I never think of any of this?

And holy crap, there will also be great speakers.  They will have Seth Andrews (the Thinking Atheist, and all around awesome guy), Jamila Bey, Matt Dillahunty, Dan Barker, Amanda Knief, Teresa MacBain, Dale McGowan, Aron Ra, David Silverman, Katherine Stewart, and more!  They’ve even invited me there to be a lukewarm-up act for the superstars.  They’ll also have Chris Stedman, but no event is perfect.  How does the song go?  “One of these things is not like the others…”

The event is being put on by the Omaha Coalition of Reason and will take place September 20-22 in Omaha, and they have a variety of different ticket packages.  With early-bird pricing, tickets go as low as $30 for students up to $150 for all the bells and whistles.  Wish a line up like this and a venue this fun, I’d say that’s a bargain.  Check it out.  🙂

And if you have some spare bucks and want to go above and beyond to help them put on this event, you should consider becoming a sponsor for it.  🙂

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