Atheist League of Legends team tryouts.

Wow!  A lot of responses to the idea of a ranked atheist LoL team.  So, here’s what we’re gonna do.

I’m free Thursday night, so let’s shoot for, say, 9pm EDT/6pm PDT?  If you can’t make it, no big.  The goal of this team is not necessarily to win, it’s to have fun.  In fact, since none of us are pro gamers, I expect us to lose a lot.  But I also expect us to have fun and to improve.  🙂  Toward that end, I’d like to see where the strongest players are so we can appoint a few captains/coaches.

If we have too many players (which, at this point, it’s looking like we might), we may just field two teams and scrim each other a bunch to improve.  I want to include everybody who wants in, regardless of skill level (though, if you need a lot of improvement, you may have to practice a bit before getting into a game).  So if 8 people want in, we’ll rotate people out.  If 12 people want in, we’ll field two teams.

For now, if you want to be a part of the team, leave a comment answering the following questions:

1.  Your summoner name.

1a.  Is it ok if other people in the comments add you?

2.  The role (or roles) for which you are best suited (top, jungle, mid, adc, support).

2a.  (optional)  The champs with which you are most skilled.

2b.  If several players run the same role as you, are you willing to learn another role?  If so, which one?

3.  What days/times work best for you to practice (and what days/times are a no go).

4.  How agreeable are you to running on an all-yordle team in normals every once in a while for the lulz?

5.  What would be a good name or three for team atheism?

6.  Do you want to be considered for the job of team coach?

My summoner name is Zheyr.  I’m on the road all day today and won’t be on at all, but tomorrow night I’ll pop on and we can get some games going.

1.  Zheyr

1a.  Add away!

2.  I’m strongest in the jungle, but I also support.  In the jungle I prefer Sejuani, Volibear, and Jarvan IV.  When I jungle I tend to stack health and use controller champs so I can tank team fights.  As support I prefer Blitzcrank (who doesn’t, but he’s perma-banned so…), Lulu, and Nami.  I’m working on being able to fill any role, though.  My weakest, by far, is as an adc.

2a.  Honestly?  Heimerdinger.  I eat people with Heimer.  I’m also pretty strong with Teemo, Sejuani, and Lulu.

2b.  Yes.  Any.

3.  It’s tough because I travel so much.  If I’m not speaking, generally any evening.  That’s a big if, however.

4.  I live for this, and have a yordle for every role.

5.  I’m partial to “Team Atheism”.  “Godless Guild” and “Godless Gaming Alliance” are good too.

6.  Sure, though there are definitely stronger players and strategists out there.

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