Father responds to Cindy.

My father was in yet another debate on his facebook wall, this time with a person named Cindy who left the following.

I debate because you are so freakin arrogant and into yourselves that it’s just too funny and I like throwing you a curve! In short, it amuses me.

Father responded:

Why, you incredibly clever little joker you! I am so impressed that you don’t debate to seek truth, understanding, greater knowledge, or to explore the current events of our time, but instead just to be mean to us to teach us a sharp lesson. Wow, you sure had me fooled, and it was so easy for you. I am absolutely convinced that you are far too sly and devious for me to have ever caught on to your subterfuges, and I thank my lucky stars you have told me.

Fortunately in the future, I now will know enough to point out that I know you are “Just messing with you because you’re arrogant!” instead of trying—and failing–to offer intelligent arguments. Thanks for the heads up.

Thank you for judging me, for determining yourself the arbiter of my sentence, and for the labels that come trippingly off your keyboard such as “smug’ and “arrogant”. Your sweet Christian love and tolerance is shining so brightly I should wear shades. You accuse me of intolerance, but I’ll guarantee I’m not a hypocrite who espouses that I am both tolerant and loving, and then fails to make an effort to live up to it.

I just cannot find the words to describe how much I respect your intellectual honesty here, so I won’t even try. Just know that some day I hope to have learned enough from your example to judge someone to be, oh, say, dumb as a stump, and to try to jerk them around because I have decided that they deserve it and that is the best way to change their mind……because I love them so much.

Have a nice day.

“Have a nice day” in this case read an awful lot like how I imagine Cindy uses “I’ll pray for you.”

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