FSM Kiva team reaches $1.5 million.

Hey, look at this: it’s atheists being charitable without the promise of eternal heaven, but just because we don’t want other people to suffer.

And all of that money will be going toward alleviating poverty.  No bibles or other wastes, just food and infrastructure.  We rule.

And I love the note that Bobby Henderson put on the end of the post:

Note —

We are currently 2nd place in the Religious Congregations category, just behind Team Baha’is. We are still ahead of the Mormons.

Touche, sir.

  • IslandBrewer

    You know, if they have to come in second behind a religious group, I’m happy it’s the Bahai’s.

  • baal

    Kiva’s are newish but there are so many more Mormans and various christians that I’d have expected them to be ahead by a light year.