Go see a musical about leaving faith.

While in college I was cast in the premier of a show called Frog Kiss.  It was one of the more enjoyable shows I ever did.

When you can sing, but not dance, they just tell you to put your hand on someone who can dance and it looks like you both can pull it off.

It was directed by a man named Chris Levy and his partner Ned Wilkinson.  They have since moved to Orlando and are making it as musicians.  Well, Ned has written a show about letting go of faith and dealing with mental illness.  As Ned tells it:

I think the funniest thing about ALL of this is that it had its genesis in a short, random conversation the two of us had in the dressing room of Frog Kiss… as far as I know, the only conversation we ever actually had IRL.  You never know what’s going to stick.

I remember that conversation.  I was just being my usual self and explaining why god didn’t exist and why that’s awesome as casually as if I was ordering coffee.  Indeed, you never know what will stick.

Anyway, the show is titled T.J. & Mr. Oaksite.  While I’m the namesake for the protagonist, it’s another character that was modeled after me (and, having read the plot and heard demos of some of his songs, I freaking love what Ned’s done with him!).  I’ve gotten to hear some demo tracks and…wow!  I really want to drop what I’m doing and go audition for this.  There’s a particular song (“Lucky Ones”) that I’m begging Ned to let me record and release as a fundraiser.  Fingers crossed.  I know Ned reads the blog, so maybe if a lot of you beg with me…

Anywho, it’s a professional cast and is debuting in Orlando in May at he Orlando International Fringe Festival at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center.  The dates are:

Thu. 5/16
Sat. 5/18
Mon. 5/20
Thu. 5/23
Fri. 5/24
Sat. 5/25
Sun. 5/26

And you can get in for $11!  Here’s the poster:

TJ 11×17

If you’re in the area, go check it out and send me a review!  🙂

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