Help support Reasonfest in any way you can.

Hey gang.

I used to organize events – the free kind, so that all the people who couldn’t afford to get into American Atheists or TAM would still be able to be a part of that community.  My dream was not just a second-hand conference for those who were financially barred from the big conferences, it was of a conference that delivered the same star power as the big guys.  The goal was not to unmake the big conferences, but to make sure that everybody had access to that community for one weekend out of the year.

It worked out pretty well.  Now other groups have adopted that dream, and one of the best things to come out of it has been Reasonfest.  The crowd has very similar energy to Skepticon and, frankly, the organizers are better than I ever was.  But dreams only become reality with a lot of hard work, and when you don’t have any income from ticket sales you can be sure to add a lot more hard work with constant fundraising (and fretting that you’ll be unable to pay for everything you’ve arranged).  When you’re also a student, this is…difficult, to say the least.

Anyway, Reasonfest is almost there.  They’ve put together an event with plenty of star power and are making the speakers and the event free to all, atheist and believer alike.  Matt Dillahunty, Greta Christina, Amanda Knief, Seth Andrews, Keith Lowell Jensen, David Fitzgerald…they will all be there and many more (including me).  If I’ve learned one thing in touring around the country speaking, it’s that when someone is a big fan a lot of times just getting to hang around you can do more for inspiring them to go make a change in the world than anything you say during your talk.  That’s what events like Reasonfest bring.

While events like this are for the wealthy, the middle class, and the poor, the poor can only volunteer their time (and they do).  But these events also require money, and that’s where a lot of us can help out.  If you have a few bucks, toss ’em in the hat to help these students out.  If you don’t have a few bucks (and even if you do), help spread the word: share the link to this post or the link to the fundraiser Michaelyn is doing.  Or share the link to one of the other blog fundraisers for Reasonfest that will be getting posted.  Events like Skepticon and Reasonfest belong to all of us.  Even if you can’t be here to organize it, help make life a little easier on the people who are.  We win the culture war as a community.

Thanks everybody.  🙂

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