Iowa bill would make divorce most difficult to prevent promiscuity.

A GOP lawmaker in Iowa has introduced a bill that would make it harder to get a divorce, and Monday this bill was actually moved out of committee.  His motivation is to decrease promiscuity in women.

“This basically is an attempt on my part to keep fathers in the home,” Gassman said. “I sincerely believe that the family is the foundation of this nation and this nation will go the direction of our families. If our families break up, so will this nation.”[…]

Representative Gassman said the issue is “near and dear” to his heart because his daughter and son-in-law recently divorced, putting his granddaughter at risk.

There’s a 16-year-old girl in this whole mix now. Guess what? What are the possibilities of her being more promiscuous?” Gassman said.

What are the possibilities of all these other things surrounding her life that a 16-year-old girl, with hormones raging, can get herself into?”

Who gives a shit if she’s promiscuous?  Sex is fun!  You should care that she’s being safe.  And what about dudes?  Don’t we care if teenage boys are sleeping around too?

And what the fuck?  An adult who can tell whether or not they love someone else has to stay with someone they no longer love, living in the same house, and being miserable even if they don’t have a daughter because those parents with daughters might have to endure their kid having more sex?  Heaven forbid…more sex.  Divorced parents might put a young woman at the “risk” of having more sex.  Darn.  I sure hope I never have to endure the slings and arrows of more sex.  Better keep adults miserable.

Does he not realize that the daughters of happy married couples also have sex?

And that’s assuming I even grant his premise that the daughters of divorced parents have more sex.  I don’t.

This is just another attempt to make non-Christians abide by the arbitrary moral standards of an ancient religion, with few cares, if any, being given to whether or not people are happy.  That’s why there’s no exceptions in the bill for married couples without children (or, more specifically, daughters).  It doesn’t matter if you’re happy.  We’re going to need you to keep living a shared life with someone you don’t love because Jesus.

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