League of Legends amazing game.

I’ve been playing a fair amount of League of Legends lately.  I have a history of always picking the weakest character in a game and trying to make it work.  In LoL, that character is Heimerdinger.  You never see him, and he has the lowest winning percentage in competitive play.  So, of course, I bought him.

I also watch games while I’m writing, especially when there is a good tournament going on.  This morning I had this match on, and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.  What this team did was like running a quintuple reverse in the Super Bowl.  This is just so unorthodox.  It’s the type of thing that makes the whole gaming world laugh at you if it doesn’t work.

But when it does work, you’ve just become legends.  This is especially true considering that did while tied 2-2 in a best of 5 series in the championship game of the biggest tourney of their careers.  Just…balls of steel.

In other news, studies have actually been done on atheists and video games. The results surprised me (since I like both video games and table top games like D&D).

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  • Russell Glasser

    Too busy with Heart of the Swarm! But anyway,

  • Rakatosh

    Wow, that study strikes me as odd as well. I have always found tabletop RPGS to be more enjoyable than videogames. In fact I spend the majority of my free weekends playing them, writing for them or painting miniatures for them. Also, I think most of my usual group of gamers are also atheists, though it hasn’t come up.

    • Artor

      I’ve always loved RPG way more than video games, partly for the immersive, imaginative environment, and partly for the social interaction. I know on-line gamers will argue that their gig is immersive & social, but it’s not the same thing. The crowd I play with is pretty mixed; there’s a pagan atheist, a mystical Jew, a ceremonial magician, and a few undefinables among us.

  • Jeff

    I love desperate, unorthodox, unexpected plays (especially when they actually work!), but unfortunately I have never played LoL and have no idea what I’m looking at or watching for. Care to tell me what’s going on? This game looks strikingly similar to DotA, which I *am* familiar with, so feel free to reference that game freely as a comparison.

    • Loqi

      It’s pretty much DotA. There are some differences, but the basics are the same. Heroes, creeps, towers, three lanes, a “barracks” (the inhibitor), and something you destroy in order to win.
      Heimerdinger is a champion that has long been considered too bad to be playable (except for about a week when he was bugged…double rockets FTL) . His base stats are really low, his crowd control ability is incredibly hard to land, and two of his abilities relate to setting up turrets (think Venomancer’s poison totems, but stronger). He’s usually used as a troll pick. People use him to force others to queue dodge (leave the game during champion select so you get different teammates) so as to not get penalized themselves for queue dodging. It’s basically saying to your teammates “dodge or you’re guaranteed to lose.” In tournaments, he’s usually used as a placeholder champion. In LoL, you get a rotating set of 10 champions every week that are playable, and you can permanently unlock champions by playing enough games. In tournaments, if you’re picking for a teammate and haven’t unlocked the champion your team wants, you pick Heimer so everyone knows that’s not your real pick, then say something like “Heimer is Nidalee” in chat. Then you remake the game after the draft is complete. The person who wanted to play Nidalee picks her and you pick whatever champion your partner was going to swap for her. That’s why you hear the announcers lose their minds when they realize the Heimer pick isn’t a placeholder. This was the first Heimer pick in many years.

    • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ M

      There’s actually quite a few differences from DotA as well. League is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game; DotA pioneered that genre. As Loqi said, in the broadest outlines it’s similar- towers, lanes, creeps, you control a hero, you buy items, you want to kill the other team’s “throne”. In the specifics, it’s quite a lot different. The stats are very different, the map is much smaller, everyone can teleport home at will, and there are summoner spells. I’ve found the gameplay and strategy to be quite a bit different from DotA, though I didn’t play DotA much.

  • Loqi

    What do you mean by “competitive play?” Are we talking professional tournaments or just ranked? If it’s the latter, I can believe he has the lowest win percentage. In tournaments, I’ve only seen the GSG jungle Heimer that you linked and Epik playing one around the end of the beta (which I think was also a win). That would put Heimerdinger at 100% win rate in tournament play, at least as far as I’ve seen.
    Tourney Heimer OP.

  • Wren

    Why are helium, barium and curium the three medical elements? Because if you can’t helium or curium, you barium! He he.

    Heimerdinger is one of my favorites, with Teemo shortly behind him. Too bad the community was so toxic and playing against computers sucked. Sounds like things have changed, and I think I might get back into LoL with the hubby.

    • Wren

      To be fair though, I played Heimer when he could have 3 turrets, and his AP increased his turrets’ damage.

  • noradrenaline

    Wow, what a game! It really makes me want to play, but sadly, my computer needed repairs and the incompetent technician made a mild problem into a much more serious one, so my League prospects are pretty limited for a while. I’m stuck watching other people’s games on my iPad, but honestly that one was more fun to watch than some games I’ve actually played in.