League of Legends ranked team comps.

After the tryouts, it looks like we’ll be able to field four different teams!

Team A:

Top:  Sinhakcer
Jungle:  Mersh
Mid:  Alyesa
ADC:  BionicWoman
Support:  Bobito2

Team B:

Top:  Xalth
Jungle:  UnknownKeeper
Mid:  JlnFrancisco
ADC:  Geremin
Support:  Garr Legrand

Team C:

Top:  Cleardale
Jungle:  Zheyr
Mid:  BillShatner
ADC:  Pixypi
Support:  Chao Modus

Team D:

Top:  Zanmuseiri
Jungle:  Cenebi
Mid:  RuliHellion
ADC:  Valyon
Support:  UglyTool

Each team should appoint a team captain who can create your ranked team and arrange practice times (and game times).  Your team should also decide on a name.  Let me know all of this so I can send people to watch your games!  Your team captain will also serve as a kind of coach for your team.

For everybody: there is now a chat room titled “Atheists!” in game.  Message me if you need help setting it up so that you auto-join it every time you log in.  For people under level 30 who want to practice, that is a good place to find teammates.  I would also like to appoint coaches for people under level 30 who want help.  Would anybody be willing to do that?

And if any of the under 30s want to form a team that plays together constantly in normals and the like, let me know and we’ll arrange some time for you to scrim the ranked teams to improve.  🙂

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