Life is good.

I’m still in Lawrence with mah fiancee, who prefers that I stay close enough for her to snuggle when I write.  I know it’s cliche, but I’ve never really been happier in my entire life than since we started hanging out/dating.  Not by a long shot.  And my NCAA bracket is going to thrash hers and I’ll get to lord it over her until next year.

The American Atheists conference is in a week.  It’s always one of my favorites.  The energy is fantastic and the people are wonderful.  I feel bad, because I know some people can’t afford it, but I also acknowledge the need for American Atheists to raise money to fight for our cause.  That’s why Skepticon exists, right?  I also know that many people can’t afford to get into the fundraiser dinner, which is why last year I stayed outside the dinner most of the time and hung with those people (Jessica Ahlquist joined me…she’s pretty humble, that one).  I’m the speaker at the dinner this year, but I’ll do my damndest to get out and hang with everybody during that time up until I speak.

The atheist gamer community is growing.  It’s good to see so many people having fun, and it’s even better watching us be the good sports.

My family is going to get to see me speak in Fayetteville.  It means the world to me when the people I care about support what I do.

And hell, I’ve got the best job there is.  I get to see the country while equipping people to talk to believers – or even debating believers myself.  And I get paid to write, what I did for free for years.  It’s not like the fast food jobs I had in college where I have to pretend to be happy while customers mistreat me and my friends.  I’m my own boss, and if someone’s being an asshole I can say “Hey, you’re being an asshole and you should stop.”  I get to own myself, and it’s wonderful.

I don’t know what I did to get so lucky.  Thanks everybody, for letting me drop in to share my life.  Thanks for caring.  If it turns out there is a hell, which is the only place I think we can all get together at the same time, I would like to buy all of you a round, assuming Hitch hasn’t drank the place dry.

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