Misplaced vitriol.

I got this comment from Joan Dawson on my post about the new pope failing to properly handle child rapists.

Is there any reason why Patheos continues to allow this vitriole from the Atheist Channel?  Of course, anything the Catholic Church does is trashed here.  These are non-believers.  They discount any God or god.

Note how the anger is with my vitriol, not at the Catholic church or its newest crisis management director, Mr. Bergoglio, for failing to properly show contrition to the victims of child-raping priests, and for failing to pursue justice for, well, child-raping priests.  That’s a problem.

There was not a word contesting anything the post contained.  Nothing that contradicts the facts contained in the story I linked.  Just anger that I was angry about it.

Oh, and the last sentence, which complained that people discount the existence of gods.  No evidence that might convince me or argument for why I should believe, just pissing and moaning that I don’t.

Well Joan, the proper response to child rape and to those who enable it is anger.  The problem isn’t that I’m angry, it’s that you’re more angry at me than at your church.  And the problem isn’t that I don’t believe, but that drive-by nose-in-the-air Catholics like you seem more preoccupied with my anger than with explaining why I shouldn’t be angry or offering any reason to buy what you’re selling with regards to miracles.  Then you wonder why I have such a low opinion of your church.

Note how in my posts I make arguments.  I imagine that’s why Patheos allows me to continue posting.  Try it.

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