NRA is nothing but class.

The NRA is making robo calls opposing gun control legislation in…wait for it…Newtown, Connecticut.

Some residents in Newtown, Conn., say they’re outraged at receiving robocalls from the National Rifle Association only three months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Town residents say the automated calls from the NRA began last week and urge people to tell their state legislators to oppose gun control proposals. Lawmakers are debating whether to ban military-style assault weapons, prohibit high-capacity ammunition magazines and other measures in response to the school shootings.

You keep it classy, NRA.

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  • unbound

    “You keep it classy, NRA.”

    They always have. They held their convention in Denver shortly after Columbine too…

  • Beutelratti

    I still am utterly confused and simply flabbergasted every time I see Americans getting upset over gun control. I honestly don’t understand how one could even think the USA does not have a gun problem.

    This did occur to me again when I recently went out to the centre of my city and witnessed how large fan groups of a competing football (I will not call it soccer :P) team arrived and went to the stadium with a large consort of police men and women. Football fans are known to get rough and to sometimes cause riots. Yet not a single one of the police officers wore a gun. Not a single one.
    Do you know what would cause outrage here? Police officers needlessly carrying fire arms. Football fans can be drunk, they can be rude and they can be absolutely violent and yet there is no need to face them with fire arms.

    I recently read an article which said that 90 shots of ammunition were fired by police officers in Germany in all of 2011. That’s one whole year and only 90 shots by police officers. Then contrast this with a police officer in the States that shot 90 times at an unarmed man and tell me again that America does not have a gun problem.

    • Capt Dingleberry

      Beutelratte, you may want to check out Jim Carreys ‘lil video sketch here:

      …ohhh, and don’t miss out on the ‘comments’ below…thou are not enough hands to palm once’s face….

      • Beutelratti

        I think my jaw just dropped a little further down and the face palm just hurt a bit more than it should.

        I also think that I love Jim Carrey a little bit more now.

        • Capt Dingleberry

          Totally agree. But just a little more love since he’s still an anti-vaxer I think.

          • Beutelratti

            Yeah, I just did some more research on him. I always enjoyed him, but his stance on vaccinations is really bothersome.
            Only a little more love because of this video it is then and a whole bunch of “You’re wrong, because…” on being an anti-vaxer.