On my way to Austin.

Just landed in OKC.  Sat next to a lovely atheist couple on the way here.  Next stop: Dallas, then Austin.  I’m just running over my talk for tonight.  It’s strange…my most popular talks have been the ones that came together in a day or two, and I’ve had some real bombs that I worked on for months.  This one is from the latter category, so here’s hoping that it pays off.

And if you, as an atheist, spend the majority of your time telling people that their less fundamentalist strains of irrationality are beautiful, or even acceptable, then we should stop acting like we’re on the same side. There is a line between being nice and encouraging erroneous beliefs, and we’re on different sides of it. There are plenty of extremely nice atheists who can see that religion serves as a Trojan Horse for unreason, and that there is nothing good in religion, no beauty, no happiness, that cannot be had without sacrificing our good sense at the altar of faith.

Without religion we will still conceive of beautiful architecture, we will still pen symphonies, and we will still congregate with others like us. What we will lose without religion is people beheading witches in Africa and parts of Europe. We will lose the opposition to equal rights for good human beings based NOT upon the content of their character but upon the consenting adult they love, and who loves them back. We will lose children dying from neglect, merely because that neglect goes by the euphemism of prayer. We will lose the people who have made it their life’s work to dilute science in science classes, and those people would lose their financial backers, freeing up more resources for education. The destitute of the world will lose the bibles that occupy resources that could’ve been used to send oranges. But we would not lose art, and we will not lose charity. Humanity owns these things, not religion.

Wish me luck.  :)

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  • neatospiderplant

    Good luck. :D I’m sure you’ll do great!

  • iknklast

    What? You mean religion (God) isn’t why I’m called Dr. today? But…but…but…one of my students PRAYED for me just as I left to defend my dissertation! Surely the fact that I was successful proves – PROVES! – that her prayer was successful. After all, it wasn’t like the five years I spent on research and studying really had anything to do with my success. It was her five minute (probably more like five second) prayer! How dare you tromple on her beautiful, totally humble, totally sincere belief that the creator of the entire universe would take time out to make sure I passed my dissertation because she wanted it, and asked nicely! What sort of monster are you, to take all that beautiful, humble, sincere belief and tromple it in the dust? I ask you, can any atheist answer that? Huh? ;-)

  • iknklast

    By the way, I just thought you should know: I am God. Three days ago, I killed the Earth Day celebration at our school. Today, I resurrected it. So, there. That’s for you unbelievers. Bow down and worship me.

  • invivoMark

    *Thumbs up!*

  • http://considertheteacosy.wordpress.com Aoife

    Well, so far I like it! Good luck!

  • Tina Y.

    I like it, too! GOOD LUCK!