People still beheading witches.

Just a reminder: people are still beheading witches in the world because their religions have passages instructing them to (looking at you Islam and Christianity):

Police in Kayunga District are hunting for a group of residents in Tangoye Village over allegedly beheading of their colleague, whom they accused of being a witch.

I’m curious if any of the “religion makes people moral” crowd can look me in the eye and tell me that this still would’ve happened without religion.  When was the last time atheists beheaded a suspected witch?

Stuff like this is likely why last week the UN adopted a resolution in opposition to religious violence.  Except that they wound up removing the language that protected the rights of atheists…

Atheist groups, who say millions of non-religious people face persecution in many parts of the world, accused the European Union on Friday of failing to stand up for their rights in the United Nations.

They spoke as the 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council approved a resolution drafted by the EU calling for an end to religious intolerance and violence and for all governments to observe freedom of religion and belief.

But the campaigners, who had earlier given the council a report on abuse of atheists, mainly in Muslim countries, had sought a text making clear its injunctions included them.

“The wording of this resolution shows how the world, even the secular West, ignores the plight of atheists and other non-believers in many countries,” said Sonja Eggericks, president of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

“Many people who recognize no supernatural being are suffering and even dying for trying to exercise their right to hold and profess their views,” she said in a statement sent to Reuters from Brussels…

Diplomats said the EU had omitted a specific reference to the need for protection for atheists, whose numbers are reported in recent surveys as growing strongly around the globe, in a deal with Islamic countries.

Under that alleged deal, member states of the 57-nation Organisation of Islamic Cooperation on the council would accept the EU resolution in return for EU approval of their own resolution condemning religious intolerance.

Personally, I’d rather keep my reason that barter it to not be considered a second class citizen.  Of course, it would be nice if I could be reasonable about people rising from the dead and get all the same protections.

What a world.

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