Sarah Palin’s “liberty”.

I saw this over at TPM and it put a few thoughts in my head:

Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Monday couldn’t hide her satisfaction with a judge’s decision to strike down the ban in New York City on large-sized sugary beverages, declaring over Twitter that the ruling represented a triumph for “liberty-loving soda drinkers.”


And some other Republicans are all over this.

Other notable conservatives, such as Fox News Channel’s Eric Bolling and Republican strategist Michael Biundo, also took to Twitter to celebrate the decision. In their characteristically punchy style, the New York Post and the New York Daily News each used their covers on Tuesday to needle Mayor Michael Bloomberg over the ruling.

Bloomberg, meanwhile, has vowed to appeal the ruling, telling late night host David Letterman on Monday that “we gotta do something” to counter the country’s obesity problem.

I’m on the fence.  Sure, obesity is a big health problem and the USA is pretty bad about it.  On the other hand, I value personal freedom even to the extent of harming one’s self.  The rub is whether or not there’s a high likelihood that the rest of society will pay a hefty price for wide-spread, individual self harm.  Then it becomes society’s business.

Anyway, all that aside, if Palin supports liberty-loving soda drinkers, can we ask for her support on the next bill to enable liberty-loving pot usage?  Well, we can ask, but I suspect “liberty” for that type extends up until the point that it offends their sense of propriety.  Then people can have the liberty to abide by what Sarah Palin likes.

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