Hey people! Christina here…

Even though JT tells me I can write whatever I want, whenever I want on this here blog, I sort of made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t turn this space into ZOMG-AMPUTEE-DISABILITY-ADVOCACY-CHECK-OUT-MY-LEG central.

However, I owe you guys.

I owe you guys a big thank you.

This journey to no-organic-left-footedness began back on January 16th, and by February 4th, I was wondering how on earth I was going to pay my mortgage and other bills, since I was unable to work and not financially prepared to be unemployed for months. I put my student loans on forbearance (Paying your own way through med school = not cheap), literally crawled to my basement to sell stuff on eBay, and prayed called JT to ask what he thought I should do.

JT posted a blog asking you guys to help, and you did. When I posted an update, explaining that I was going to have my left foot amputated below the knee, you helped out a little more.

You really, really did. You immoral, baby-eating atheists tossed me your hard earned cash.

I feel like it would be uncouth to say exactly how much you guys donated to me, and to be honest, I don’t even know exactly how much, but between you and help from family, friends outside this community, family-of-friends, and co-workers, I managed to pay my mortgage up so that my next payment is not due until May 1st. I’ve already returned to work in my research lab (which is one day a week) and hopefully will get a work release from my surgeon on Monday so I can get back to work as a home health occupational therapist. It will take me awhile to work my way back to full-time status since I have to rebuild my caseload from scratch and I’m going to have a swell time getting into people’s homes without a prosthetic (we’re going to start working on that next week! I am SO happy. However, it’s like not like I’ll be fully functional with it right away, that takes time, too) but I swear I will manage to figure it out.

I quite literally cannot thank you enough. When I finally get my prosthetic leg, I’ll feel like atheists and skeptics helped me get it. When I look down at my leg, I won’t see a piss-poor excuse for an organic part, a reminder of how damaged and broken I am – I’ll see the beauty of carbon fiber and titanium, and a reminder that this community came together when I really needed help.

Thank you.

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