These shirts are epic.

Oh, those Kansas City Atheists.  Barred from participation in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, they are making waves and are going to be operating an Ask an Atheist booth at the parade…all while wearing these shirts.

I love euphemisms.  Something as simple as “Lucky to be a Kansas City Atheist” can convey a message like “Thanks for the positive publicity your discrimination is giving us”.  This is freaking awesome.

I move to Lawrence, KS in August.  I hope these people will let me hang out with them.  They’re my kinda peeps.

  • Darren

    Hey, Lawrence!

    My home town, still miss it.

    If your going to be in Kansas, that would be the best place to be.

  • Homer

    Where can we find these wonderful shirts if we wish to purchase one?

  • Mkbell

    I’ve made the picture of this shirt my Facebook profile picture. I think that we should all be Kansas City Atheists for the weekend.

  • Phillips Howard

    You are moving to Lawrence! Gawd Damn. I happen to know that four of the Insane Goldstein Squad are graduating in June and two are going to Chicago. one to MU at Columbia, and one to Arizona.

    It would have been great to have you all in the same area!

    I think the old man is still around, although he is pretty sick. Carry on JT!