Things believers say vs Things believers do, Part 2


Found on facebook:


First thing to know: Every image that has “Like and Share” just wants you to drive up their page “engagement” score.

Second, think about what the message they wanted to convey here:

1. First, they setup a strawman, the anti-gun atheist. This strawman doesn’t want any guns or gods around!

2. Then, their hypothetical: You’re being attacked in your home!

3. Their solution: You’re not really an anti-gun atheist, when it comes right down to it, you want guns and god!


But what does this reveal about them, the pro-gun, pro-god poster of the image? When it comes down to their moment of need, the first thing they rely on? It’s not god. It’s not faith. It’s people. The very first thing they do in their fabricated emergency, is call people.

Because when it comes right down to it, they want the only thing that has ever actually worked….and that sure isn’t prayer.

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  • eric

    Calling a trained police force with guns for help is different than arming a population.

    • Joey K.

      If there is someone in your house and the cops are 3 miles away, would you rather wait for them or deal with the problem yourself?

      • Beutelratti

        I’d rather wait for the cops and keep myself locked in a safe place or leave the house than confronting or shooting at an intruder with possibly murderous intentions. Thank you very much.

      • Loqi

        If by “deal with it yourself” you mean, “give them whatever they want and try to make sure you don’t get killed,” then I guess I would deal with it myself. But that’s pretty much the same as “wait for them,” isn’t it? The point is that the chances of getting killed go through the roof if you go for your gun. If you want to give yourself the best chance to survive, you don’t go for your gun. If you fancy yourself some kind of Bruce Willis character that just needs an opportunity to display his badassery, then by all means, go for it.

      • eric

        The first thing I did when two dudes broke into my house was chase them out.

        You may want to re-read the part where Dr. B says that’s a straw-man argument.

  • eric

    Also, the bright green “like and share” text looks like it’s in the Star Trek font.

    • doctorburger

      ……….I feel bad about my nerd skills for not noticing that.

  • baal

    I keep a phone in the bedroom. It doubles as a wake up alarm and let’s me call the cops. This was true even when we lived in a much more dangerous neighborhood.

  • Loqi

    A friend of mine posted something similar a few months ago. I responded with, “I can guarantee you I would do neither of those things first.” I was hoping someone would engage me on it, but I got crickets.

  • kagekiri

    You may like guns and even own them. That is your right.

    You may believe in a religion. That is your choice.

    But if someone breaks into your home, the first thing you’re going to do…

    1.) is hope to hell THEY don’t have a gun, and

    2.) wonder why the hell God didn’t protect you as he promised, and how a home invasion could possibly be part of his perfect and loving plan.


  • Glodson

    I noticed this about the image:

    You may not like guns. That is your right.
    You may not believe in God. That is your choice.[emphasis added]

    Notice what I noticed?

    Also. I am not going to pray. If someone breaks into my home, I am going to try and do something useful to ensure the safety of my family. Even people with guns will call more people with guns. But they aren’t being called because they have guns. They are being called because they are people with authority to remove the intruder, who can cause the intruder to face repercussions the intruder fears. Like prison.

    About the creator, this reveals a desperate need to paint people who disagree with them as hypocrites. It ignores the evidence, such as the fact that guns are far more likely to be used to kill someone in the home, be it murder, an accident, or suicide. It ignores that using a gun to confront an intruder dramatically increases the threat faced by the gun owner. All to make some silly point about gods and guns that doesn’t really mix. Not everyone will pray in that situation. Not all atheist are anti-gun. And not all theist are gun owners.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    And what does Teh Jesus have to say about that?

    Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.
    - Luke 6:30

  • Slow Learner

    If someone breaks into my house, I am not going to call someone with a gun. I am going to call the police – I live in the UK, and they don’t have guns as standard here.

  • Mark

    Besides it being a stupid graphic, your analysis is off. It is talking about “you” not “they.” The antecedent is (a.) ” one who may not like guns” and (b.) “one who may not believe in God.” If the reader does not identify with either of these positions the anaphor does not apply to her. “You” also does not refer to the presumed believer who originated or shared the graphic because she would, by nature of the indended message, be pro-gun and pro-God. With these considerations, any implication toward hypocracy is inaccurate based on the available evidence. For it is “you,” the anti-gun/anti-god advocate, who the graphic says would first call someone with a gun, not “they,” the poster.

    • Loqi

      What is this I don’t even?

      • Azkyroth

        Someone actually went ahead and constructed a real-life Straw Vulcan? That hardly seems logical.

        • Loqi

          You just had to link to tvtropes, didn’t you? There went the next 3 hours…

  • Nick

    The old, “when you’re really in trouble you’ll call for help from God” canard, basically a variant of no atheists in foxholes.

    When my sister got hit by a truck I did not call for help from God. I called these guys with a big white truck – what did they call it? An ambulance, something like that.
    ‘It took her to a building called a hospital where these guys called doctors used the best in medical science to save her (she’s fine now).

    I never once called for god for the same reason I did not call for help from unicorns, leprechauns fairies, Darth Vader or Santa Claus.

  • No Guns, No Gods

    The difference between person with a gun willing to kill for their beliefs and a person without a gun willing to die for their beliefs is profound.

  • smrnda

    I don’t have a gun. I know that a gun is of very little use to me. I use evidence based reasoning to decide I don’t need one. The chance of a stranger invading my home is pretty insignificantly small, so why take precautions against a highly unlikely event? I’d like to see what kind of risk-management tools pro-gun people take advantage of, because I kind of wonder if they’re incapable of proper risk assessment. I mean, when you run across people who think we need an armed populace to be safe, but that somehow, health care access isn’t a huge issue, I wonder how they’re doing cost benefit analysis.

    • M

      Short answer: they don’t. Intuition is good enough, thank you, so what is this empirical evidence, large-scale studies, statistical probability, and opportunity cost you speak of?