Those other Christians are such a disfrace.

In an early post I pointed out that when you hear a conservative start spamming the word “truth”, you need to be prepared for a pretty impressive pile of wrong.  Here’s a comment from TruthOne on my post about a North Carolina church refusing to do weddings until gays are allowed to marry.

Tris is a disfrace To Christian testimony. The Church is calles To be Holy not perverted in low-life animal perversión sexual life. This goes against everything the Bible teaches.

Hrm, you have a point.  Can you send a memo to god that he needs to come down here and clear this up?  Because a lot of Christians, who want to abide by his will, are bickering about what his will actually is.

Or, even better, he could have designed human beings without the tendency to arrive at their own moral conclusions and then ascribe them to god.

Oh, and it’s a real perversion when somebody thinks they have the right to tell another person who they can or can’t love because of what a bunch of people scribbled down a few thousand years ago.  When you think that’s noble, but that someone devoting their life to another person is a perversion, you’ve been twisted into an immoral mess by your religion and you can’t even see it.

Do what you think the bible calls you to do.  Nobody is stopping you.  But no matter how powerful a god may be, there comes a point when you must recognize that his will is so diametric to humanity’s interests that there is no moral option but to defy him.  When he stokes love in somebody and then stokes the fires of hell for those who act on that love, it’s time to be grateful he doesn’t exist.

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When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • Thomas J. Lawson

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that God is the Devil and the Devil is God, and he’s tricked almost everyone into worshiping the wrong deity. I’m atheist to both, but THAT would be impressive. Think about it. Slavery was fine, then it was bad; women were chattel, now they want to think and stuff and run companies; the torture of innocents, the bigotry, the hatred. Look at Westboro Baptists; they stay truest to the text and people find them disgusting. There’s just enough love sprinkled in to make it ambiguous. Love thy neighbor, but stone them to death with stones according to the old law, or if you evolve enough to rise above such barbarism, then you can settle for just making their lives miserable by legislating away their basic human rights. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and they’ll be downtrodden enough to take their own lives, keeping the blood off your hands. A win-win! Do his bidding and you get eternal life. Make this world worse and the next one becomes all the more desirable. And in the end, as you bow down to receive your gift, Satan (aka Ashton Kutcher) will pop out and shout, “Existence fail! You’ve been Punk’d!”

    • Kodie

      I made an observation once that god seemed like someone who was throwing a really lame party and in efforts to make sure he had guests, he would make the other party sound like it was going to be really awful, and then if people decided not to be his friend, he would pout and say “I didn’t want you at my party anyway!” He’s not good at being cool.

      What you say about the devil and god switching places – a thought I’ve also had before. The way people talk about how tricky the devil is, luring them away from their straight-to-god path, often seems like the other way around, if it were true. They are lured away from the right way to be by some pretty amazing promises, bought from a so-called sinful life with shiny eternal life. Everything about religion is designed to trick people out of thinking, and if thinking does happen, often it is for someone to think of a loophole in their religious beliefs and convince themselves that they really get what god wants and someone else doesn’t, so they can do something that would otherwise be forbidden, but now it’s ok and god approves. Really. It’s almost like people are trying to put one over on their deity, but from where I sit, they are just creating their own religion. If I want to do something and can’t help it, for example, then the only way to reconcile this is to say god doesn’t actually have a problem with it and everyone else is wrong, and they want to say this is how objective morality works!

  • Thomas J. Lawson

    Exactly. Most people say being an atheist is easier than being a Christian. Stereotypes, of course. You don’t have to worry about your actions, blah, blah. What they mean to say is being a good human is harder than being human.

    Being a dogmatic Christian is harder though, I’ll give them that. I find it hard to hold onto hatred for someone that cuts me off. I usually shrug it off after a couple of minutes. So I couldn’t imagine having to maintain a consistent level of hatred toward strangers whose lives will never affect mine.

    • Artor

      I find it much easier to be an atheist than a Xtian. I know that the world around me is governed by logic, and that reason will help me figure things out, instead of the arbitrary & capricious whims of a mysterious, all-powerful monster.

  • otocump

    You know what they should do to settle these minor differences of faith? PRAYER-OFF! Congregation versus Congregation! Whoever gets the clear and irrefutable message from gawd then they can step up and claim the title of ‘troo beweever’.

    • Jeff

      We should set up a big Thunderdome over Israel, and invite anyone who thinks they’re on god’s side to step inside and let divine will triumph.

      It might cost a bunch of money, but that won’t be an issue. You know who’s got a bunch of money? Big Christianity. You know who’s always wanted to duke it out with Islam once and for all? Big Christianity.

  • America

    Have you ever read Jose Saramago (Portuguese writer) “Cain”?

  • America

    So Jeff, I guess that the dome will not be enough for other religions since Jewish people believe they are the chosen “One”.