Way to represent, Polyskeptic!

Polyskeptic, friends of this here blog (or, I should say, a blog I’m friends with), were featured on Our America with Lisa Ling.  Amazingly, the story gives a positive, slantless, realistic look at polyamory.  I know I was shocked.

I Love You & You… & You: How To Create a Polyamorous Family

Philadelphia couple Gina and Wes discuss how they transitioned from a monogamous duo into a polyamorous “W” — a five some in which three other people live in their home with the possibility of adding more partners in the future.

Congrats to Wes, Shaun, and company for representing the poly community well.  I owe them a drink if we’re ever at a conference together.

  • http://polyskeptic.com shaunphilly

    I would say we are friends to your blog, and hopefully to you as well!

    Doing the documentary was both fun and frustrating, but we have been open for a while and we were happy to do it. So far, no negative feedback, but we’ll see what happens if certain co-workers/family members of our “W” see it.

  • http://noadi.etsy.com Noadi

    Fantastic! Though I kept gettign distracted by the awesome Dalek dress.