Who wants to be a millionaire…Pat Robertson edition.

Pat Robertson has declared that one lucky 700 Club viewer is praying at just the right time and in just the right way for a million dollars, and god is going to provide it.

Congratulations to you, nebulous winner of god’s affection in a rich country, of a race that never experiences discrimination, who will never step forward and claim that god delivered the money for some reason.  But you’re out there.  And to all you starving children who have been praying in not the right way, god will get to you in a bit.  Oh, millions of you need a cure for cancer?  Sorry, this person prayed in the right way, and now they can buy a car.

God of justice and love.  Just roll with it.

What does it say of 700 Club viewers that “God’s going to give one of you a million dollars” is more tantalizing to them than “God’s going to feed a bunch of starving people who aren’t you”?  Religion of humility and care…

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  • Glodson

    He’s a greedy asshole that cons people out of their money, and uses his own to make money by pairing up with bloodthirsty dictators.

  • Loqi

    Pat Robertson wants to make one of his viewers a millionaire. But the money better just poof into existence, because ole’ Pat isn’t giving up any of his own money.

  • Rain

    I’ll believe him when he says an amputee grew a limb. Until then I will continue to remain skeptical of his claims.

  • Michael

    I wonder who invented that trick? I first saw it performed by Robert Schuller during a televised performance at the Crystal Cathedral in the 1970s. He started off his “healing prayer” segment with the usual vague nonsense but then he suddenly got specific:

    “I can see a lady in South Dakota who is losing her vision and Jesus is healing her right now. I can see the cataracts. They are falling from her eyes as we speak. Heal her Jesus. Heal her Jesus. And the Lord is telling me that her sight has been restored. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord” [or words to that effect]

    During the prayer, the cameras moved in for close-ups of the audience, looking for wide eyed bewilderment and open mouthed astonishment – and they found plenty of it !

    I’m sure that Schuller’s audience went home that day and told their friends and neighbours that they had actually witnessed a miraculous healing performed right in front of their eyes, with not a chance that it could have been faked. They saw it happen! Well Mr Schuller saw it happen – and he wouldn’t lie, would he?

    And now, forty years later, Pat Robertson is pulling the same basic scam on his own TV show. His audience is thinking “Perhaps we better stick with old Pat for a while longer. Who knows, we may get lucky.”

    Is it wrong of me to laugh at their gullibility and to not care that they are wasting their lives by allowing these charlatans to lead them down the garden path?

    • Chuck

      Pascal’s Wager dates back to the seventeenth century. It also involves throwing truth, logic, and scepticism out the window as soon as enormous rewards or punishments are offered.

  • Hitchslapper

    Pat Robertson also claims that clothing purchased at ‘thrift shops’ can be possessed by evil spirits. Pat Robertson is the President & CEO of the ”Religiously Unhinged” Club…..

  • Hitchslapper

    Pat Robertson also claims that clothing purchased at ‘thrift shops’ can be possessed by evil spirits. Pat Robertson is the President & CEO of the ”Religiously Unhinged” Club….. With much thanks, to Professor Johnathan Turley….

  • http://smingleigh.wordpress.com Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    Average viewers for 700 Club: 1 million people (source: Wikipedia) which is ~ 1/313 US population.
    Naive assumption of +1m new millionaires in 2012 based on optimistic assumption of +5m millionaires over 5 years (from CNBC) leads to ~ 2740 new millionaires per day.
    Naively assuming the distribution of new millionaires and 700 Club viewers is uniform leads to ~ 8.75 new millionaires who were watching the 700 Club that day.

  • Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach

    This may be the only thing he’s ever said that is technically true. What Pat neglects to mention is that he is the one who’s getting the million, and its coming from the pockets of his gullible followers.

  • baal

    “and god said i have heard your prayer. I know your need, i will supply your prayer” (for 1 million dollars)
    Need? Most folks would be happy with assured food, clothes, housing, health care and reliable transportation.