I received this message on facebook yesterday from a person I used to get into long religious debates with back when my blog was on xanga.

JT – I was perusing my old stomping grounds on Xanga the other day when I came across your old site on there and was reminded of all the good debates about science and religion that we used to have on Xanga. Ironically, I suspect that now, all these years later, we would actually agree about more things than we would disagree about. I’m no longer a Christian apologist. Infact, I’m no longer a Christian at all. I have “seen the error of my ways” so to speak and am an agnostic these days. I see that you are still an avid atheist and pastafarian these days. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line to say hello and to apologize for all of those asinine comments I used to post on your Xanga about Answers in Genesis which I have now come to realize is total bollocks. Hope you have a Merry Christmas…err…or Saturnalia…or whatever it is that you atheists celebrate this time of year

####### ([online handle by which I knew him])

Don’t let the fact that believers seldom change their minds during the course of one conversation make you jaded.  Sometimes it takes seven or eight years.

This marks the 155th such email that will go into my saved folder.  How many more never write anything?  We are changing minds, not at the point of a sword but with the sharpness of our wits and our ability to speak candidly and rationally.  I love what we are doing.

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