Another brave high schooler standing up to law-breaking administrators.

Sorry I’ve been quiet.  Yesterday was an all-day travel day followed by Skeptech – which is totally awesome.  I just wanted to take a moment to drop this in here: I don’t know who this young woman is, but should I ever have children I hope they are half as brave and a tenth as eloquent.

It seems her school invited a homophobic preacher to speak at her prom.  I don’t think it ever even occurred to her to stay silent.  Good for her.

  • Glodson

    She really drove the point home. Well done.

    It is amazing that this man thought he should do this, to take his captive audience of teens and unload this shit onto them. The homophobic garbage causes real harm, we know by looking that the increased suicide rates of LGBT teens living where people think that religion excuses bigotry. The anti-abortion and slut shaming of this asshole is just as bad.

    She did well. I hope she keeps fighting.

  • Mick

    The school board will be saying, “Only one complaint … so we should be able to preach the same message a few more times without too much trouble.”

  • Katy Vaughan

    Thank you so much for spreading the word about this! I’ve contacted the FFRF, but it is extremely difficult for me to find support in small-town Alabama, even from my own family. Again, thank you for your kind words.

    • Little Magpie

      Hi Katy! More random internet stranger support over here. (Hugs, cookies, kittens, whatever..) Thank you for standing up against this!

      Also, I poked around on the rest of your tumblr and I just want to say you have a beautiful smile. And I’ll leave it at that so it stays in the realm of “random affirmations from the internet” and not “creepy woman almost twice my age being pervy.” :) If you went to prom, I hope you had a great time.

      And if you have the strength, keep fighting the good fight. If all the LGBTQ youth, and youth who speak up, and think for themselves, and otherwise don’t fit in all keep escaping to the big cities, the small towns will never change. I was fortunate enough – and aware of my good fortune – to grow up in a big city, in a more progressive political climate, that I didn’t have to deal with BS like this when I was a senior in highschool – in 1996.

      If there’s anything concrete we (ie your random supporters out here on teh Intarwebz) can do to help, I for one would be glad to. :)

  • Turumbar

    Katy, good for you! I hope my daughter is as thoughtful and well-spoken as you are when she gets to be your age.

  • Hypatia’s Daughter

    Hi Katy,
    Just another random internet “old lady” (Psshaw, Little Magpie, your still a babe in arms to me! I graduated in 1970!) who wants to offer her support. When I despair that the hate-filed reactionaries are making a come-back , I read about young people like you and Zack and have hope. The torch IS being passed on to people of conviction and courage. Hope is not dead.
    The most galling thing about schools inviting in people like Stacey is that the SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION is making the decision for the parents as to what religious tradition their child get exposed to. The religious fundie parents are all up in arms about their right to decide what religious beliefs are taught to their kids – even to the point of home-schooling and fighting teaching about evolution (which is religiously neutral but has religious implications for some).
    Yet, they have no compunction and no shame in “poaching” other peoples’ kids; or of undermining the religious beliefs of other parents. They don’t want THEIR kids exposed to the beliefs of Catholics, Methodists, JWs, Buddhists, Muslims or atheists but these fundie fuckers thinks it is perfectly O.K. to use the schools to proselytize to children of these beliefs.
    It is time that parents, especially those of other religious beliefs, wake up to this fact.

  • Tobias27


    Good work. Enjoy the spring. College will be alot better for you but keep on fighting for the other guy as well. Thanks for your inspiration

  • JL

    I’d be interested to hear what this young lady means by “immoral” and how she grounds such a claim. Or perhaps, it’s just a simulacrum of a once meaningful concept that now only means “something I don’t like.”