Catholic Church: turning ignorance into a trophy.

The Catholic Church is getting ready to declare a new saint.  Apparently a child got sick and then got well again.  When doctors admit they couldn’t explain it even with the fullness of modern technology at their side, the Church rushed in to declare they did know how it happened: a woman many decades dead used magic.

In 1998, Luke had just completed one day of preschool when he fell ill with a severe gastrointestinal condition his doctors couldn’t relieve or even diagnose.

He suffered for six months. He experienced violent episodes of diarrhea eight to 10 times a day, Jan Burgie said.

Luke couldn’t go to school. He stopped growing, his mother said. He was wasting away. And his doctors were at a complete loss. They began to suspect a tumor in his colon.

“He was the sickest child or person I’d ever been around,” Burgie said.

But the test was never conducted because the illness vanished suddenly on Feb. 22, 1999, just as two members of Bonzel’s order finished praying a novena. Sister Margaret Mary Preister and the late Sister Evangeline Spenner had just recited a series of prayers over nine straight days asking Mother Bonzel, who died in 1905, to intercede for Luke.

Doctors couldn’t explain Luke’s sudden recovery, and the Vatican machinery for investigating alleged miracles began to churn.

While the rest of humanity is busy carving away at humanity’s ignorance, for underneath it lies advances like medicine, it is quite telling how religions (and particularly the Catholic Church) find their only victories there – not because of what they know, but because of the humility to admit as much from everybody else.

And why does the magic Catholic lady get the credit but the god who conceived of illness gets none of the blame?  Even if god really did cure this one middle class boy (which is silly), praising the same god who made him and billions of others sick for laying off one child out of millions is like canonizing a slave owner in the antebellum South as a saint worthy of our worship/admiration because he stopped beating one of them.

Catholics, if you believe this, you should be ashamed.  And don’t accuse me of disrespecting you: I’m the one insisting that you can do, and should do, better.  The Catholic Church is the one counting on you to be gullible enough to believe that because our understanding of medicine is incomplete that the RCC gets credit without even taking the kid’s temperature.  They’re depending on the existence of lazy thinkers and I just wish more of you would start disappointing them.

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