Donate to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Adam Brown over at WeAreAtheism is doing that charity thing again.  He’s trying to raise money for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.  He tells a pretty touching story:

I had to explain this to my daughter the night of the bombing. She’s almost 5 (in a few months) and old enough to be told about bad things that happen in our world. She saw it on the news and wanted to know what it was. I explained that some bad people wanted to hurt others to make a point. I told her the people that got hurt and those that dies weren’t guilty of anything… they just wanted to cheer on people in a race. I reminded her that her mommy and daddy try to help in situations like this and that we were going to raise money to help the victims recover and worry less about medical bills and financial struggles associated with events like this.

She walked out of the room, without saying a word, and came back with $1.00 from her piggy bank, and declared, “Daddy, I want to help.” I cried, hugged her, and thanked her for being a wonderful, caring, empathetic little girl. If my 4 and a half year old can spare a dollar for people in need, how much can you give?

It made me smile because many fully grown religious adults can’t seem to figure out that in the absence of religious commands to be charitable we’d still have compassion.  And yet, here we have a four year old who figured it out.

Here’s what I’d like: I’m going to donate $20.  Sue me, I’m a writer and I’m poor.  But it’s a good cause.  I’d like to ask everybody who reads this to donate $1.  If you can pitch in more, that’s ok too.  But I know this site has a few thousand regular readers.  If we all donate $1, that’s a few thousand bucks.  Were you the one sitting in the stands that day, or if it had been your children, you’d want people to do the same.

Let’s help out because with no god doing anything to help it’s up to people.  Let’s take up that charge like it means something.


I will also donate an additional dollar for everybody who leaves a comment saying they are donating (or have donated) blood before the end of the week.

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