I can’t wait to move to Kansas!

Oh man, I’m reading the articles on Reasonfest.  You know how some people say to never read the comments because it’s depressing?  Oh, not me.  These are our opponents.

Take this one from the Lawrence paper:

More than the defectives calling themselves ‘open-minded’.

After all, how open-minded can one be if they deny the existence by definition.

Calling that “open-minded” is tantamount to mental disorder. Believe or not, just don’t claim “open-mindedness” where there isn’t any.

Sure, it’s a little depressing that for all my optimism about humanity’s potential there are people who fail to ascend above ground level, but it’s also good to see so many atheists intruding upon the one of the only places such people can still make those comments without social consequences (anonymous forums and church) to smack them around!

Keep being grumpy and mistaken, we’ll just keep smiling and growing….




Here’s another good one:

I remember an incident about 20 years ago when some atheists held a candlelight vigil by the Union Celebrating Darwin’s birthday. The display had the appearance of a religious ceremony and note that it was his Birthday they celebrated, not the date he published or conceived the idea of evolution. It was as if Darwin had become a deity to them. At the time, I thought it was ironic, but no one ever pointed out the paradox in the news.

1.  To see a religious person, who clearly thinks religion is awesome, debase a group by saying they’re just like a religion, makes me smile.  Like a porn star ragging on another porn star for showing too much cleavage.

2.  Holding a few candles to remember someone who died and did not rise from the dead, but because of accomplishments that contributed to human knowledge, is nothing like a religion.  It’s gratitude to a mortal for his particular brilliance, not kneeling at the feet of an all-powerful being who also happened to commit genocide against almost all of humanity.

I could sit here and read this all day, but sadly I have to move on to other news stories.  Man, I can’t wait to move to Kansas in August!  Seriously – I’ll be like a kid in a candy store.

Oh, and one more thing from the Kansas City paper:

A 2-on-2-style tag-team debate titled “Moral Combat: Atheism vs. Christianity” will be held April 21 in the afternoon. Nationally known atheist speakers J.T. Eberhard and Matt Dillahunty will compete against John-Mark Miravalle, a doctor of theology at the School of Faith, who offers classes to University of Kansas Students at the St. Lawrence Center. He will be joined by his father, a professor of theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.

1.  I’m a nationally known atheist speaker?  Can I get this article in plaque form to send to mom and dad?

2.  I’m mentioned in the same breath as Matt Dillahunty!  Can I get this article in plaque form to send to mom and dad?

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