Junglers get no love.

I have declared today to be a day of no work.  I’m resting and having some me time after what has amounted to 2.5 months straight of being on the road.  So that means League of Legends.

I am generally a jungler, which is like being a healer in World of Warcraft: no matter how well you play, no matter how amazing your numbers are, if things go wrong it’s always your fault.  Doesn’t matter if your dps ran straight into the mouth of an unholy dragon armed with only a toothpick and their underwear, it’s your fault that you couldn’t save them.  Being a jungler is like that.  No matter how terribly your laners play, it’s your fault if they lose.  And if every lane is getting annihilated then you’re getting yelled at by every laner for not ganking enough, even though you need to save the other lanes and farm yourself.

And if things go well?  The laners get all the glory.  Jungling is seriously a thankless job.

I just played a game that made my point.  Each one of our lanes lost in the early game.  Pantheon went middle against Ziggs and I swear he had homeguard boots as his first buy so he could rush to his death faster.  I recall Ashe being 7/0 before I shut her down.  And our Yi at top lane was more useless than prayer.

So, of course, you know whose fault it was that our Yi got stomped on?  You guessed it: the jungler’s.

My score is awesome, and a guy is complaining about me who has a god awful score.

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  • http://twitter.com/CunningPam Pamela Cunningham

    “like being a healer in World of Warcraft”

    Dude, I’m emotionally scarred from six years of playing a holy priest in WoW, so I immediately felt your pain. I play nothing but DPSers now, and will forevermore!

  • Loqi

    They need to introduce a character like Meepo from DotA. That way you can gank all three lanes at once and people can stop crying all the time.

  • Glodson

    When I played MMO’s, I was often a healer. A damn good one at that. This is not to say that I didn’t have my share of fuck ups, but I noticed when people thought things went bad because I couldn’t heal faster than possible as they drew aggro, or brought in more than we could handle.

    I would just make a mental note and not play with the responsibility dodging jackass.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Shale Marcellus Shale

    I’m sorry whenever people talk about world of warcraft or Farmville or angry birds or whatever, my mind goes blank and I can read the words but not decipher their meaning. is there a point in all this?

    • Nate Frein

      Do you say the same kind of thing on technical posts in fields you’re unfamiliar with?

      If some people are speaking a foreign language you don’t know, do you interrupt their conversation to ask what the point of their conversation is?

      They are games. Games that people like to play, and that some people who like to play, also like to talk about. Do we really need to justify it more than that?

    • amycas

      Then don’t read it. I don’t understand why people feel the need to comment on a post that they think is meaningless. If you think it’s so dumb or pointless, then why did you read it? Let alone comment on it. You started your sad attempt at acting better than everybody else with the words “I’m sorry.” No, you’re not sorry. If you were sorry then you wouldn’t have left such a shitty comment to begin with.

    • baal

      I don’t think that one post of “wth is this” is excessively disruptive.

      • amycas

        If somebody doesn’t understand something, because they are unfamiliar with it, then fine. But this person was clearly trying to disparage people who play games and talk about them.

        • baal

          I don’t see that at all. ‘This person’ (Marcellus Shale) is expressing frustration that they are reading paragraph after paragraph of words that don’t mean anything to them. I can see how that’s distressing. Again, it’s just 1 post and it expresses a personal state. I don’t find that objectionable.

          • Nate Frein

            Given his other posts…

            No. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

          • baal

            Ah, I’ve now read his other posts and agree with you fully. Yuck.

  • unbound55

    I’ve played healer in many MMO games, and it has always been this way. On very rare occasions, you will get acknowledgement of saving people; on most successes, you won’t get any acknowledgement at all; and on every failure, it will always be the healers fault for not keeping the idiot standing in the fire alive along with everyone else. Tanking is a close 2nd for those games with the holy trinity.

    Then you watch the forums where people constantly complain about not finding tanks and healers. Apparently, putting 2 and 2 together is tough for a lot of people.

  • otrame

    Personally, I have always made it a habit to thank healers. And comment when the tank did a good job. Those are two vital positions, especially in Warcraft. When someone on a team is badmouthing I either suggest they go find a team they like, or I leave the team myself. Can’t stand the “I was so fucking perfect but you blew it” attitude, especially since, 9 times out of ten the person in question was at fault, often for being overly aggressive, pulling too many bad guys, or being so busy bouncing around that they don’t stop and fight.

    • baal

      “I was just helping the tank” – DPS who pulls (usually with out looking at the healers mana bar).

      I don’t generally like vote-kicking but that person will be out of the group if I can make it happen.

  • Nate Frein

    I play warrior, so I usually tank dungeons (I used to maintank, but when my guild fell apart a couple months ago the new raid group I got into didn’t need a tank, so I switched to MS DPS. My tank gear is still good enough to handle just about any content but current-tier heroic raids). I usually don’t give the healers any crap unless they really screw up. I don’t pull faster than my gear + healer can allow (although I will give a healer a hard time if he/she insists on drinking after every pull…I can survive two or three pulls without heals at all in any of the available 5-mans).

    I have absolutely no problem giving DPS shit if they mouth off tho.

  • Aliasalpha

    Hmm, I’ve been playing as a healer in SWTOR for a few months across both factions and haven’t encountered this kind of thing, wonder if its a PvP thing since I only play PvE

    • Nate Frein

      Could just be a community thing. Smaller community = more responsibility to keep your name clean and more direct consequences for being a jackass.

      I’m not terribly familiar with SWTOR; does it use a random matchmaking system for quick dungeon groups? I know that when Blizzard instituted the random group finder system a few years ago the problems with hostile group members went up. If you were an ass when you had to find a group via server chat, you tended to get blacklisted a lot more easily. Now if you get kicked for being an ass, you just requeue. The pool of players is so massive that when grinding end-game dungeons you’ll prolly never ever see those people again.

      • Aliasalpha

        Yeah its got random grouping, grouping with an existing party (so if you have 3 & need 1 for a flashpoint you can still get a random & stay together) and the grouping you ask around for on general chat.
        Your mention of the endgame raid style stuff reminds me I’ve never done that before, that might be where the hostility is concentrated

  • http://criticallyskeptic-dckitty.blogspot.com Katherine Lorraine

    Ouch, sorry to hear that JT. That toxicity is one of the reasons League bothers me so much. It’s always your fault. I usually play support, so I’m always in bot lane, and always, ALWAYS someone will yell at me that it’s my fault that they got ganked because I didn’t ward top lane.
    I’m support, not ward machine. If you want to avoid ganks, buy your own wards. I always say at the beginning of every match “If you have spare gold, please buy wards.” 9 times out of 10, no wards.
    When I play ADC this is worse, cause my supports will usually buy wards, but no one else will (aside from me) and when I get ganked and people whine and cry about how crappy I am, I remind them the reason I get ganked is cause I can’t see the jungle, and I don’t know where the enemy is coming from, and if everyone pitched in and bought wards, we’d not get ganked and we’d not lose the ADC in every single fight cause someone comes from behind and kills me.
    So I started playing Dominion. Faster games, less toxicity, and it’s never anyone’s fault if we start losing. We just got snowballed.

  • b33bl3br0x

    Back in vanilla wow I played a raid shaman…In vanilla wow the only viable raid build for a shaman was healing spec. The rogues always fought for me to be in their group because I was the only healer who would heal them (This was largely before blizzard made the API changes that really allowed for add-ons which gave you a reasonable possibility to track the health status of the entire raid), on top of my duties as a secondary main tank healer.

    Back when Scholo was a 10-man and it was still risky to 5-man, I solo healed a 5-man, amid calls of “a shaman CAN NOT solo heal 5-man Scholo, we’re going to wipe” and no one died on the run. From then on I had more invites than I could keep track of and also had a group of dedicated DPSers who were constantly trying to see how far they could push before I couldn’t keep up anymore.

    I suppose it helps that we had a very good natured top-tier raid guild who laughed it off if the rogues pulled too much agro, or went crazy in the suppressor room and wiped us (so long as it wasn’t happening all night long).

    I think I might have been the only non-thankless healer in the history of MMOs. Of course that didn’t stop me from switching mains to rogue for the first expansion. I never looked back.

    • http://criticallyskeptic-dckitty.blogspot.com Katherine Lorraine
      • b33bl3br0x

        There were points where the warriors and the rogues were having competitions to see if the rogues could pull the bosses off the warriors (usually after we had the boss on farm and not on the bosses that had agro dumps during the fight of course, cause really what’s the challenge). And when an OT would step up to try MTing on a boss that we already had the strategy down, though not necessarily on farm, the rogues would love pulling agro and then yelling at the tank saying he was useless etc.

        • Nate Frein

          Fury has really strong burst atm, so while 90% of the time on pull our tank will hold the boss, if he gets a string of parries, I’ll sometimes pull off him and get one shot.

          I usually call him an LFR tank over mumble when it happens.