Little girl ranting at the referees.

Michaelyn and I are both pretty big college basketball fans (and we’ve both been known to jump on the officials pretty severely for missing calls).  Given my genetic disposition to getting into trouble (if you knew my mom and dad, you’d understand) and our passion for basketball, should Michaelyn and I ever produce a child I think there’s a pretty high probability that it will end up like this:

Incidentally, while I root for Kansas and Michaelyn roots for Arkansas, if the two schools ever play each other we plan to break up for 24 hours.  Facebook and everything.  There’s simply no other option.

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  • Glodson

    My little girl does the same thing. It is great. I love it.

  • Besomyka

    Hah! My spouse is an Aggie and I’m a Longhorn. We root for each other’s teams and I’ll even give her a kiss each timer her Aggies score.

    Unless it’s against Texas. First time that happened she turned to me and puckered up, and I had to turn away.

    Now that TAMU is in the SEC, there’s a bit less strife in that regard.

  • Art Vandelay

    All I’ll add is that Michigan got porked by the refs all night, Monday. Right from the opening possession when they called a ball that got swatted after coming about a foot off the backboard a clean block, you knew Pitino was gonna get away with murder. The Trey Burke block at the end was the only time the announcers actually got indignant but it went on all night. It was bullshit.

    • Kibba

      Who got porked? Guess that’s why Michigan was in the double bonus all night and was called for far fewer fouls. Someone needed to tell Michigan that football season had not started yet. They got away with beating up Louisville players all night. McGeary should have fouled out in the first half.
      When you play defense like Louisville you expect some fouls, and they definitely were called for many. You also expect opponents to wilt under the pressure and Michigan certainly obliged there as well. Of course, when the game was on the line, Behannon put the Michigan boys in their place. Second place.

      The best team won.

  • Carol Eberhard

    Well, I’m sure she was right, he fucking traveled.

  • Urban Nilsson

    That clip has been taken down. The clip’s owner has it on: