Mallorie Nasrallah needs some help.

Mallorie Nasrallah (the person who took this picture of me and these pictures of science), is dealing with a landlord who is being flagrantly dishonest and breaking the law.  She’s needing legal assistance in the Las Vegas area to protect her business (she’s a professional photographer).  Some readers do not like Mallorie, but having met her I think she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever encountered (and that doesn’t change because we disagree on a few things, which I can assure you we do).

Please check out her appeal and help/share it if you can.

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  • Dan Marshall

    I can’t spare any funds right now, but as someone who has dealt with both landlord and roommate issues in the past I suggest that she document *everything* and only deal with the landlord in writing (via email, preferably). Record phone calls, if possible. After some brief googling, it appears that Nevada is a two party consent state, which means she will have to inform the other party she is recording in order for it to be legally admissible. I suggest getting a google voice account, informing the landlord that he/she is only to use this number for contact. When someone calls on a google voice line, hitting 4 will start recording and also cause a message to play that says something like, “This call is now being recorded.”

    Wish I could offer more help, but the main goal is to make sure that everything is so well-documented that it moves out of the realm of “he said, she said” and into “here is all of the documentation I have that shows that the landlord violated the law.”