No change on feminism and charitable priorities from Bergoglio.

Recall that under Pope Ratzinger many nuns were reprimanded for spending far too much time pursuing justice and caring for the poor.

The Vatican last year said in its doctrinal assessment that the nuns’ group was tinged with feminist influences, focused too much on ending social and economic injustice and not enough on stopping abortion, and permitted speakers at its meetings who questioned church doctrine.

Hold on…they listened to people who questioned church doctrine?  JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!  That could lead to education and understanding.  Nip that shit in the bud right now.

The nuns have continued to beseech the Church to re-examine its priorities.  Perhaps with a new pope, who we are told cares greatly for the poor, it might be possible.


Pope Francis has reaffirmed the reprimand of American nuns issued by his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, and endorsed the plan to have three bishops supervise an overhaul of the nation’s largest umbrella group of American nuns.

The announcement from the Vatican on Monday dashed the hopes of Catholic sisters and their supporters, who had hoped that the new pope might not want to meddle with women’s religious communities because of his experience in the Jesuits, a men’s religious order.

I know that reaction should depress me, but it’s just gotten to be old hat by now.  What really depressed me was the reaction of the nuns:

The nuns group said in a statement on Monday that its conversations at the Vatican were “open and frank,” and added, “We pray that these conversations may bear fruit for the good of the church.”

You want to spend more of your time caring for the poor?  You don’t need the Church’s permission!  If you are more compassionate than the Church, leave!  Stop supporting them.

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