On Tony Perkins “tak[ing] a break”

Christina here…

The suicide of Matthew Warren, Rick Warren’s son, is tragic.

As with any tragic event occurring in the life of a public figure, especially one who is frequently maligned, insensitive comments related to the tragedy are pretty expected.

Of course, I’m actually not writing this directly about Rick or Matthew Warren, but rather about Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.

Perkins said, of the Warren tragedy and the ensuing negativity:

There was a time when as a country, we would take a break when someone suffered such a great tragedy.


That’s funny Tony, considering you didn’t take a break when suicide rates went up in the military, choosing to blame secularization and the end of DATD:

The volume of these decisions coming out of this administration is unbelievable, unbelievable. The stress in our military, when you look how they have used the military for their social experimentation: driving Christianity out, putting homosexuality in, suicide rate going through the ceiling.

You also didn’t take a break when a security guard at your own building was shot, instead politicizing such a tragic event by blaming the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The attacker, Floyd Corkins, “was given a license to shoot an unarmed man by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center,” Perkins said.

You didn’t take a break when the media reported of a cluster of teen suicides, and instead chose to write:

I would not be surprised if most of the “bullies” did not have the positive benefit of both an active mom and dad in their lives…There is no empirical evidence to link this with society’s general disapproval of homosexual conduct…Some homosexuals may recognize intuitively that their same-sex attractions are abnormal

Here Tony, let me finish your sentence for you:

There was a time when as a country, we would take a break when someone suffered such a great tragedy. I don’t do that kind of thing though, especially when I can further vilify gays or secularism.

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  • Rain

    Life is very simple for Tony Perkins. He has a very simple philosophy. If he does something, it is good and okay. Also, all judges that he doesn’t like should all be impeached because they are judicial activists. The very simple philosophy of Tony Perkins.

  • Chimako

    ooooooo, smack!

  • Glodson

    That’s because those aren’t real suicides. They don’t like like the tragic death of that young man. And there’s no way that people following the good book of his god could be bullies, unless they are, in which they just got his magic book wrong despite acting in the same manner as Perkins.

  • Loqi

    I really wish Tony Perkins would take a break. Preferably a long break. Long enough for the world to forget that Tony Perkins infests it.

  • Art Vandelay

    Wait…is Tony Perkins actually suggesting we shut down the country temporarily because Rick Warren’s son died?