Review of Scarlet Blade.

I saw an advertisement on the site for a new MMO called Scarlet Blade.

Screen cap of ad.

And I recall a review of this game I saw that may be relevant, so you guys can know what the game is like.  If you like digital women with huge, exposed boobs and can’t find hentai online for free, this game might just be for you.

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  • pjmaertz

    Damn, that looks horrendous. And they have a $200 package? Guild Wars didn’t even have a package at that price, and Guild Wars is awesome.

  • baal

    I’ve been seeing the ad for a few days now (and I want to marry that pimsleur guy who is always in the pop under, did you know 4/5 language professors hate him?). Aside from a minor worry about the prudish folks who walk by the cube, she’s low rez and I don’t like barbies. With a game, I want to know about the game play and not about one of the characters even if she’s meant to be sexy. Then again, she’s a step up from the Catholic University ads (which I faithfully click anyway, for you know, JT).

  • SparkyB

    Don’t forget that the ads are customized to the viewer (based on secret data that google collects), so not everyone on the site is seeing that ad. You see it because you like to play and talk about MMOs, JT. In that same spot, I saw an add for Live Nation because I once searched for concert tickets.

  • Glodson

    I think I’ll stick to my Dark Souls. Nothing like some good old Jolly Cooperation, and some jerks trying gank me. Last night, I was on. Totally unfuckable.

    Not sure how being unfuckable is a good thing. I guess I’m not the target demographic for Scarlet Blade.

  • Lance Finney

    Eschergirls has reviewed Scarlet Blade from the perspective of their mistreatment of the female form:

  • invivoMark

    Ah, another advertising scheme in the same vein as Evony! Remember that?

    I actually knew a guy who played that. Apparently it was kind of fun. Totally boobless, though.

    • sqlrob

      That was exactly the game I thought of when I saw this post.

  • Lyfa

    I’ve been known to enjoy some eye-candy in my games, but damn! That’s a bit too much even for me….