Sam Brownback is a Republican douche.

Sorry for the redundancy.

I’m kind of torn on Kansas.  On the one hand, it has my fiancee in it.  On the other hand, it has Sam Brownback.

On Tuesday, Kansas GovernorSam Brownback (R) signed a law aimed at prohibiting local governments from requiring contractors to pay prevailing wages on public works projects:

“HB 2069 prohibits cities, counties, and local government units from using ordinances, resolutions, or law to require private employers to provide leave, benefits and higher compensation.”

It’s a tough, tough call.

And it’s Kansas, so you know some of the workers Brownback just shit on would vote for him again because Jesus.

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  • Glodson

    Yes, we got to make sure that contractors are allowed to fuck over their workers. I mean, it isn’t like those workers are likely to vote Republican anyways.

  • unbound

    “…Republican douche…”

    Sadly, aren’t those redundant words at this point?

    • David Hart

      There is douchebaggery among the Democrats too, so as long as you want to specify which flavour of politician-scumbag someone is, it still carries meaningful content :-)

  • Steve

    Typical. They are all for local governance when it suits their own backwards needs, but not when it conflicts with their ideology. Then they step in and pass laws to prevent it.

  • Zugswang

    I think what we need is another professedly religious person to run against him, and quote the bible right back at him when it comes to caring for those who are less fortunate, and that whole camel through the eye of a needle bit.

    It’d make for interesting debates between two Christians who pick completely different passages at the biblical cafeteria.