Scientists continue to find things we’d expect in a godless universe.

Beneath the thousand stories about the Boston bombers, there was an article on CNN this morning about three new planets we’ve discovered that are among the most likely candidates for harboring life.  This part in particular stood out to me:

“With all of these discoveries we’re finding, Earth is looking less and less like a special place and more like there’s Earth-like things everywhere,” said Thomas Barclay, Kepler scientist at the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute in Sonoma, California.

All Christians should let that fact sink in.  The earth is not special.  It’s just not.

What’s more, god could create any kind of universe he wanted.  If the earth is special, he didn’t need to make an unimaginably large (literally) universe full of other stuff.

However, if no god exists, we should expect to find ourselves in such a universe.  Life is very hard to get going naturally (for info on one of the models for abiogenesis compliant with all of known science we have on hand, click here).  So it might be tempting to look at life, which is rare, and say there must be divine assistance.  However, consider someone winning the lottery.  Even though the odds of winning are astronomical, who in their right mind thinks god has to dip his hand into our daily lives for someone to win the lottery?  Nobody – because lots of people buy lottery tickets.  So many buy lottery tickets, in fact, that you expect the astronomical outcome of a win pretty regularly.

So if life is rare, we’d expect to find ourselves in a universe where lots of “lottery tickets” are available so that improbably things become probable.  ‘lo and behold, that is precisely the universe in which we find ourselves.

Even if god exists, he has crafted the universe we’d expect to see if god didn’t exist.  That god…between cancer and building a universe that looks like he doesn’t exist, he’s quite the practical joker.

And now that we’ve got that god nonsense out of the way, HOLY SHIT THREE NEW PLANETS THAT COULD HOUSE LIFE!!!!  The universe is freaking awesome!

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