Sean Hannity is a real winner.

So Rutgers just fired their basketball coach for kicking and punching his players and throwing out slurs like “Are you a fairy?  Are you a fucking faggot?”

Or, as Sean Hannity calls it, “old school discipline.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday reacted to video of ousted Rutgers basketball coach throwing balls and shouting slurs at players by saying he doesn’t mind a bit of “old-fashioned criticism.”

“He’s very intense,” Hannity said in a segment with conservative commentator Michelle Malkin. “And I’m watching this, and I’m thinking, alright, I don’t like it. He kicked one player there. But on the other hand, you now what, I kind of like old-fashioned discipline, on the other hand. I mean, have we become that politically incorrect? These are adults. They don’t want to play for that team, they can leave.”

Malkin seemed to agree, saying that “sports is a rough world.”

When punching the players in your charge gets filed under “very intense” you’ve just lost all right to make comments on morality.

And what does being an adult have to do with it?  You don’t punch another human being even if they’re an adult, and especially for not playing basketball as well as you’d like.  Jesus fucking Christ.

A commenter on facebook writes:

Well, I hope Hannity’s boss starts kicking him, calling him names and throwing balls at his back while he’s working because he can get another job, and they’re both adults, so what’s the problem?

Fucking brilliant.

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  • http://kriskodisko.wordpress.com Krisko

    I bet that’s how he trained Colmes.

  • unbound

    Obviously he is kicking people and swearing at them out of a sense of deep concern for his players and making sure they grow as well as they can. And obviously it is really super easy for a college athlete to switch to another university on a whim whenever they decide to, with absolutely no impact to future career options.

    Obviously complete BS; which leads to the question of whether Sean Hannity is simply a complete idiot, or whether he is just a complete ass. Possibly a false dichotomy here, but I’m not sure there are any other alternatives that fit the observation…

    • Silent Service

      “…which leads to the question of whether Sean Hannity is simply a complete idiot, or whether he is just a complete ass.”

      I am inclined to chose C: all the above.

    • invivoMark

      The only falseness to the dichotomy is the idea that those descriptors are mutually exclusive.

  • Silent Service

    Well said, JT. Our insane love of sports all too often allows us to overlook behavior in athletes and coaches that would bring criminal prosecution to anybody else. Well, anybody else except politicians and Wall Street bankers.

    • iknklast

      And priests.

  • Glodson

    When punching the players in your charge gets filed under “very intense” you’ve just lost all right to make comments on morality.

    They are also still very young, kids playing basketball. Many with scholarships, which can be taken away if the coach deems to cut them. You know, like by speaking out against the coach’s methods. He has control over them, and can easily end(or derail if the kid is lucky) their time in college.

    • Glodson

      Oh, not only that, but why does a basketball coach get a pass for this? Why not let a professor do this? “Hey, that’s not the second derivative!” he screams as he throws a textbook at your head.

      • iknklast

        Yeah, I could stand there and throw things at my students and say “The world is too older than 6,000 years! Dumbass!” But I’m supposed to be polite and not annoy the students. Because I don’t coach sports, I teach biology, and it isn’t important if kids get the biology right, just the basketball.

        Not that I would throw things at my students…it’s just an analogy

      • tubi

        I did have a professor who acted similarly, although absent the physical contact. He taught courses in Logic and I had an intro level class with him as a sophomore. It was in a lecture hall that held about 200 students and had two aisles that separated the audience into three sections. He would wander around as he lectured, using a clip-on wireless mike, up and down the aisles. He’d then randomly point to a student and ask a question about something from the previous day’s lecture. He’d give you about 4 seconds to respond, after which he’d scream, “You don’t know!” and continue on with the presentation.

        It was very intimidating and almost impossible to get the answer right because it was about something from yesterday while you were concentrating on today’s material. I don’t think more than a handful of students even tried to respond. I don’t remember s single thing from that class. To be fair it was 20 years ago.

  • baal

    Folks are responsible for how they treat others regardless of their past. That said, this type of abusiveness promotes authoritarianism where you can either be the guy throwing the punches or the one cowering in fear. Colmes looks like he ‘learned’ the lesson and is now one of the later.

  • http://gamesgirlsgods.blogspot.com/ M

    Dear Fox,

    In your own twisted way, you make me happy. You whining about this is evidence that our conceptions of manhood and acceptable behavior are changing. No longer is “being a man” about being the biggest asshole you can be, but is rather a punishable offense.

    Maybe, just maybe, the ideas of humanism are seeping into our collective culture. Maybe, just maybe, the ideas of respect and individual autonomy for all human beings are becoming important. You complaining about this is just proof that your patriarchal, hurtful, oppressive cultural norms are ending. Huzzah!


  • Rain

    Sean Hannity is a real winner.

    At first I thought it said “Sean Hannity is a real wiener”, but the I realized it would be silly and childish–not at all appropriate for serious blogs like patheos blogs.

  • Maude LL

    Did this guy learn education with the catholic church?
    An important part of “old fashioned discipline”, aside from hitting your students, is to yell at them the *worst possible* insult you can think of. Tell them they are kinda like a woman. Being compared to such a vile thing will surely crush them into obedience.
    Can you imagine? A womanly man?!

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Sean Hannity likes “old school discipline” so much that he volunteered to have himself waterboarded.Somehow he never followed through on that promise.

    • Andrew Kohler

      Whereas Christopher Hitchens in fact had himself waterboarded. By the way, his interactions with Hannity are greatly amusing (“You’ve taken up all the time for my answer with your long and rather unlettered question”).