SSA Week Schedule.

Ok, it’s SSA Week again, and I am so down for this.  So what to do this week?  A lot of stuff, and I’m going to live stream most of it at this link.  I’m testing it now, and my hair is amazing.  Apparently ustream posted a link to the stream on my facebook, so now I have all kinds of people looking at my bed hair…

There’s a chat system and everything (it will want you to link your account to facebook, don’t do it, it’s a trap.  It will try to post all your comments to facebook).  You can’t post URLs in the chat, but you can email them, along with offers for free Viagra, to me at  I’m going to stream some video games among other things.  Here’s the schedule as I see it so far:

Monday, April 29:  Ok, today is kind of a catchup day.  However!  Starting at 1pm EDT I’m going to start streaming retro games.  That means Contra, Mario, Megaman…whatever you can think of as long as it’s NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis.  I will do this all with commentary.  For a $5 donation I will add a game of your choosing to the queue.

Then tonight I’m going to be playing League of Legends.  For a donation (no matter how small), I will let you choose my champ and the role.  Ever wanted to see jungle Heimerdinger?  I’ll make it happen.

Tuesday, April 30:  I will use this day to beat up on the people of your choice.  See a facebook comment that needs to get destroyed in a blog post?  Send it my way.  See another blog post that needs a rebuttal?  Feed it to me (and feed the SSA with a donation).  Again, this will be live streamed.  I will also live stream this, complete with profanity and depressed skepticism that arguments so bad could exist.

Wednesday, May 1:  Drunk blogging!  I will start at 10am EDT and blog until 6pm EDT.  After each post I will consume a beer, which will take my usual lack of a censor switch and kick it into overdrive.

Thursday, May 2:  Whichever theme was most popular the previous three days will get repeated.

Friday, May 3:  Blogathon!  Blogging from 10am EDT til 2am EDT Saturday morning.  Stream will be up.

I have a donation page set up with the SSA. 

You can go there to make a donation (and the SSA will know it came from team WWJTD).  The goal is $3,000.  If my page raises that much money for the SSA, I will sing one argument in every one of my talks the rest of the year (and may even let the high donors select which one).

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