Teacher fired at Catholic school for her gayness.

I guess I shouldn’t rag on Kansas too much.  Eventually I’ll have to head back to Columbus, OH where I live and where this happened:

This week students found out about the firing of Carla Hale, a longtime teacher at Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, Ohio, according to local news outlet Outlook Columbus. Two people familiar with the incident told Outlook that Hale was fired after her partner’s name, Julie, was listed among the survivors in a public obituary for Hale’s mother. The obituary ran in the Columbus Dispatch on Feb. 25.

Hale told the Dispatch an anonymous parent had seen the obituary and outed her to diocese officials. “Within weeks, Hale said, she was fired because she is in a gay relationship,” the Dispatch wrote.

Oh wait, Columbus might give her an outlet to punish the Church for their discrimination in the place they care about: their pocketbook:

Columbus is one of 29 cities in Ohio that has an anti-discrimination ordinance protecting workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation. The official position of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in America is that marriage is the union between a man and a woman only. The Columbus Dispatch notes that teachers at Catholic schools in Columbus can be fired for “immorality” or “serious unethical conduct,” according to a contract between the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus and the Central Ohio Association of Catholic Educators.

Oh, laws that apply to everybody else?  Fuck off, we’re the RCC.  If we want to fire good teachers for arbitrary reasons or protect child rapists, we’ll do it.  Oh, and Jesus loves us more.

A spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Columbus told HuffPost that “personnel matters are, however, by diocesan policy, confidential.”

This is not the first time a teacher at an Ohio Catholic school has been let go over sexual orientation or support of gay rights. In February, Purcell Marian High School Assistant Principal Mike Moroski was fired by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati after endorsing gay marriage in a personal blog post.

That same month, music teacher Al Fischer was fired from his job at St. Ann Catholic School in north St. Louis County, Mo., after archdiocese officials learned he was planning on marrying his longtime partner.

Yeah, they’re confidential.  So the diocese is allowed to fire people for being gay, which they’re not ashamed of, but that’s not necessarily what happened here (or in those other places), and fuck you for wanting to know why we fired those people.

But atheists…we’re the immoral ones.

Ok, I’m still really spacey today, so I think I’m gonna call it a day and take a nap.  Big debate at Reasonfest this weekend.  I’ll post some pictures and live-blog some of the talks.  😀

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