The atheist pig on traditional marriage.

I can’t wait for next month.  I’ll be home most of the month after seven weeks of pretty much being on the road non-stop and can spend every day just reading and writing on my blog.  It will be glorious.

In the meantime, here’s the atheist pig.

  • Brandon

    If only that level of honesty were present, I’d probably actually have more respect for the opposition on this particular issue.

  • baal

    I heard a clip this morning on NPR about a religious org making people feel better after the Boston bombing. The clip the played was of a priest saying that if we just had more love in the country then we’d not be seeing the un-loving end of the civilization (i.e. bombings).

    I was unsure how that should make me feel better even were I a believer.

  • Shane

    It would be great if more people would actually be honest about the subject. I mean at least then I’d know where they really stand instead of watching them hide behind their veil.