The day after.

A couple years ago bad episodes were frequent and lasted days/weeks.  Now they are rare and, today, I’m feeling a lot better.  I woke up spacey as all hell and I’m pretty sure I’ll be exhausted all day, but better.  :)

When I began writing about mental illness I half expected to lose an abundance of my readership to thoughts of “Oh, I thought he had some insights every once in a while, but it turns out he’s crazy!”  The fact that you guys embrace me in spite of it means quite a lot.  Thanks a heap gang.

Now I’m off to read the news and see what pisses me off today.  :P

  • The_Schwa

    Oh, I thought he was crazy every once in a while, but it turns out he has some insights!

  • Kate

    Glad you’re better today. Trying to think of something amazing and pithy to say – I’m very much aware of what the brain beast can do to well-intentioned statements, so I’ll just say, “welcome back.”

  • Glodson

    Glad you are feeling better, and putting on the brave face as you wade through the stupidity that is often found in the news. Or comments in threads. Both good sources for headdesking goodness.

  • Eric D Red

    (long time lurker, rare commenter here)

    Yep, some good insights. Yep, crazy some times. But those aren’t separated by “but”. Frankly, the crazy contributes another perspective on the insights, and when you bring your insight to your crazy you’re at your most interesting. Not that I find your other insights uninteresting, but the combination is special. I actually got most interested in your work after hearing your speech about your eating issues a little while back.

    Anyway, glad to hear that the episodes are becoming scarcer. Keep well, and keep writing!

  • Aoife

    Dude, I started reading you regularly because you talk about mental illness. And you were kiiinda the inspiration for me to blog about my own mental health stuff, which, btw? Turned out awesome. We’re talking a wonderful, supportive, love-fest-filled domino effect of people actually talking about this shit.

    So there’s no “in spite of it”. What you’re getting isn’t wishy-washy tolerance, but full-on acceptance.

    I’m glad your episodes are becoming rarer and shorter and (somewhat) easier to deal with, and that you have the coping mechanisms to deal with them as best you can when they do happen. Best wishes for your recovery from this one. Mind yerself, ‘n’ all that!

  • Andrew Kohler

    Add me to the long list of readers who greatly appreciates your work on mental health issues–I’m sure you’re helping a very large number of people :-) I’m so glad that you’re doing better, and please accept my internet ::hugs:: although they are now somewhat belated (then again, hugs pretty much always come in handy).

  • Praedico

    Glad you’re feeling better, JT :)

    Like Aoife, I’m here because you talk about mental illness. I knew of you before, but I only started reading regularly after I saw your talk from Skepticon 4(?) that made literally everybody cry. I suffer from mild mental illness myself and it’s nice to have a reminder that it’s down to a biological malfunction, not a personal failing.

  • Judith

    Talking about mental illness like you do helps normalise it and make it easier for others to accept. If someone they know (even ‘internet know’) is open about a mental illness, it makes it less ‘out there’ and scary. So thank you for writing about it.

  • Steve

    As someone who goes through similar episodes I am happy to hear that this one was a short one for you. All the best and keep up the good work!


  • Shane

    Having a bad episode every once in a while just shows that you are indeed a human and not some all mighty person that we should follow blindly.

    I’m glad you’re doing better.

  • baal

    I definitely think of mental illness in the social camp as other more or less unchangeable (it’s life long) personal characteristics that folks get unreasonable shit for (closeted info?). The more folks who can be out inspire those who cannot and normalize that aspect of humanity. The impact is that it improves life for all of the class members.