The face of unrestrained fury.

Michaelyn texted me this picture with the text “It’s a cold and rainy day and I don’t like it.”

I need to work on that face for debates.

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  • Nate Frein

    I would totally swap weather with you. The weather outside is 92 degrees. I already have my window AC units installed and running…which usually gets to wait till June.

  • Glodson

    It is freezing here too.

    By freezing, I mean in the mid-50′s. It is fucking Texas, that’s pretty fucking cold here.

    • M

      Seriously! I had to turn my heat back on. It’s freaking April, it should be like 92 degrees already …

      • Glodson

        Tell me about it. Yesterday, very nice. Today, it is like the dark heart of winter out there. Texas winter.

        • M

          Liquid death is falling from the sky, too :( Haven’t the clouds and winds heard there’s a drought going on?

          • Glodson

            And more later tonight. But at least if we can get the rain now, when this area becomes the surface of the Sun we’ll have water in the lakes.

          • baal

            I had 3.5 inches of frozen slush / ice on my drive this am. 50 would be a heat wave.

          • Umlud
  • Taz

    If you’re ever the cause of that face you should apologize immediately, even if you have no idea why.

    • Nate Frein

      I’d break out in giggles first, I’m afraid.

      • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

        Then you’d burst into flames.

        • Michaelyn


        • Nate Frein

          Giggly flames nonetheless

          • Loqi

            I must say that if I saw a man laughing spontaneously burst into flames and then continue laughing, I’d be fucking terrified.

            Still not as terrified if I saw that look though. Truly bone chilling.

          • Nate Frein

            I’ll be honest…I have a bad habit of giggling when I’m horrified by something.

  • TGAP Dad

    I guess living in Kansas/Arkansas makes you soft. I grew up in the northern Great Lakes, where we call 6 inches of snow “flurries” and 5 degrees “chilly”. I’m not much for rain, but I haven’t had to wear a coat in a month.

  • Art Vandelay

    Meanwhile, it’s 66 and sunny in New England.

  • Rod

    Now if Americans would embrace Centigrade (or Celsius) like the entire rest of the world, we would have real progress!
    8 Dec. C in Southern Ontario, light jacket weather!

    • M

      Fine, fine. It’s like 13 degrees outside right now, and it should be about 30!

      • invivoMark

        What are you guys complaining about? It’s 5 degrees here and raining. We just got rid of the last of our few cm of snow, and I wanna go bike! Damn this low-pascal weather. We need the clouds to go away so we can get more candelas from the sun!

      • Nate Frein

        I’m all for colder weather. You can always add more clothes. Unfortunately, going the other way you hit a point where you run out of clothes to take off.

        Not that I mind hanging around in the nude. But chilly and clothed is preferable to nude and sweaty for me.

        • M

          That is so not true. Sometimes you cannot add enough clothes. The wind nips right through them or it’s wet outside, and hands, feet, and noses get numb-cold.

          Then again, my friends do call me a lizard (I get cold really easily, and I do bask in the sun and/or on hot rocks or sidewalks). I’m not fond of cold at all.

    • neatospiderplant

      In my part of Southern Ontario, it’s 2 degrees and we had snow earlier in the day. Environment Canada has issued a winter storm warning here too. They need to come up with a new name. A Winter storm warning in Spring is just wrong.

    • Jasper

      Never! This is AMERICA. We don’t have no SOCIALISMS here

  • Ubi Dubium

    Here on the east coast it seems to have skipped Spring and gone straight to Hot. (According to the four Pastafarian seasons: October, Holiday, Spring, Hot.) We turned the air conditioning on today. Hrmph.

  • Otrame

    Here in South Texas we are alternating between chilly (by our standards, i.e., 50-60) to warm (80-90). This is not unusual weather….for frigging FEBRUARY. I just hope we get our late April-May monsoon rains this year. If we do it will be the first time in three years.

    On the other hand , the green pepper plants that survived winter this year are already producing. The first ones will be ready to pick by the weekend. Never had that happen before. Twenty years ago we had hard freezes lasting several days several times a winter. Haven’t had a 24 hour period with temps below freezing here in several years.

  • Randomfactor

    Bakersfield has swung back into the habitable zone for a bit…that brief respite between cold’n’foggy and sizzling’n’dusty.

    Politics still suck, though.

  • Art Vandelay

    John Stewart: “That look right there? That look is where boners go to die.”

  • Don Gwinn

    Is that totes adorbs? Am I saying that right?

    • Nate Frein

      You misspelled “adorbz” ;3

  • Azkyroth

    That’s…actually quite restrained, from the looks of it. O.o

  • Stogoe

    We’re in the 40s here today. We were supposed to get flurries this morning but I apparently missed them. Glad to see the rain, though. Our rivers were mostly dry beds last summer.

  • ButchKitties

    That picture begs to be meme’d a la David Silverman’s WTF face.