The first honest cable company.

This made me laugh because it’s so damn true.

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  • unbound

    It’s good when the truth is spoken…and even better when the truth can be made this funny!

  • otocump

    Hey! I represent that remark! I’ve worked for 2 of the 3 (eeeeh…fine 4) major telecoms in Canada.

    Um…yah. As local teleco here, about 90% true. The only thing I’d say was untrue was the ‘uptime’ comment. I know it’s certainly a problem in the US, but in Canada at least we’re able to keep our customers online for the majority of the time. At good speeds too. Something about only having 1/10th the customer base might have something to do with that though. So maybe that’s not something to be proud of.

    I guess what I can say is…yup…legal oligarchy. It provides me food and shelter. I’m a corporate tool and perfectly happy to let them pay me in order to peruse my enjoyment outside work.