WITHOUT GOD…our week would be: Sinday, Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Fightday, Shatterday. Seven days without God …makes one weak!!

For a $20 donation to the SSA, I had to suffer though this post.


First, who cares what it’s called?  It could be called Poop Day and it would still take place at the same time, have the same temperature, and people would still do the same stuff.  If losing out on all the homophobia and human sacrifice throughout history in the name of god(s) could be achieved for no change beyond the alteration of a single vowel…ok.  Good trade.


Because religious people don’t mourn.  Oh, is the poster saying we’d mourn the absence of belief in god?  I’m going to go with “probably not.”  We’d be too busy having protected pre-marital sex and learning about science.


Yup, nonbelievers can cry when we’re sad.  Of course, so do religious people.  But what gets me about religious people is what doesn’t provoke tears in them.  Take me: an atheist who doesn’t steal, lie (for the most part), or kill.  I could wind up in hell burning for all eternity.  And while many Christians will tear up when their favorite sitcom character gets dumped, they don’t shed a single tear for the maximum possible suffering they believe is very real.

Nor do they weep at the notion of having to spend eternity watching way more people roasting in hell than enjoying paradise in heaven.  I see three possible explanations for this:

1.  They are psychotically devoid of empathy.

2.  They think god will dope them up on his love enough to suppress their empathy.  In which case, if you worship that god, you are probably psychotically devoid of empathy.

3.  They don’t believe this shit.

Tears aren’t necessarily bad.  I know the point of “Tearsday” was to imply that atheists are miserable, which is absurd.  Some atheists are miserable just like some religious people.  The difference is that when atheists are happy we’re happy without confusing fiction for reality.  But when tears are appropriate, it speaks volumes of the faithful when their eyes are dry.


Is this asserting that people who don’t believe in god are wasting…what?  Their lives?  I wasted many years not having sex because of my religious beliefs.  I wasted countless mornings I could’ve been playing basketball sitting in a church pew.  If anything wasted part of my life, it was faith.


If god exists, then he made all sorts of contaminants for water which spread sickness for most of humankind’s history.  We figured out how to purify water using secular thought.  We also invented Viagra, which will help the god who invented all the things we had to cleanse from our drinking water to go fuck himself.


Like tears, fighting is not necessarily a bad thing.  I fight bad ideas and I’m happy to do so.  Of course, when people spend more of their time fighting against grown men and women who want to love other consenting adults of their choice than they spend fighting global hunger, then religion has made them into bad people.

And leave it to a pro-religion piece to use “fight” as a pejorative, as if one should be proud to be complicit to a god who commands silliness and injustice.


I don’t even know…

And lastly, piss all over the idea that not believing in god makes one weak.  We’re not the ones so petrified of hell that we run away from our good sense in order to adopt the myth selling us that fear.  We’re the ones who defy the social consequences in place for non-belief.  Oh, you’re going to fire me from my job, kick me out of the house, or ostracize me because I don’t share your beliefs?  So be it.  My integrity is worth it, as is without fear of what might happen if I announce my defiance.

It doesn’t take a lot of strength to live life as part of the comfortable majority.  You want to know what weakness looks like?  You can see it every time a believer slinks back to the shadows of their church rather than defending their beliefs, even as the atheist is ready to go another round.  That’s what weakness looks like.

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