Atheists (including my fiancee) go smile to smile with Sam Brownback.

My sweetie joined up with Adam and Amanda Brown (of Atheism Resource and We Are Atheism), as well as nice Christian (but with some really bad arguments) Fred Heeren, to meet with Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback yesterday.

Michaelyn told me it went pretty well.

The first topic discussed was the issue of women’s health. Amanda Brown and Michaelyn Everhart tackled this topic with the Governor and tried to push him in the direction of stronger comprehensive sex education to help reduce the abortion rate in the state. They also argued against abstinence only education citing research that shows that it doesn’t actually work. The Governor seemed receptive to Brown and Everhart on this topic, but tried to defer the matter to the Kansas Department of Education.

What the article didn’t say is that Michaelyn pushed Brownback to recognize all of his constituents when he speaks publicly, including the atheists, since he represents them too.

That’s my fiancee.  :)  <3


  • Glodson

    No face of wrath!? Ahhhh….

    Anyways, I figured she would do well. And she did. Good job.

    And the abstinence only sex-ed stuff… It makes me want to tear my hair out. It doesn’t work!

    • Loqi

      You know what they say. You catch more flies with honey than by making them piddle in abject terror in response to your berserker rage.

      • islandbrewer

        I’ve never seen flies effectively caught with honey, for what it’s worth.

        • Feminerd

          Nope! Vinegar works great though. I actually used a red wine vinegar (it was all I had), so maybe white vinegar doesn’t catch flies either?

          What? i was curious! I did science! So, um, yeah. That phrase just isn’t true. It’s a nice idea though.

  • islandbrewer

    Yay for Michaelyn! I applaud her awesomenity! (Yes, I’m my own lexicographer.)