Christian Thrift Shop remix

Christina here…

All I gotta say is..



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There’s more than one?

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There are more. A LOT more. Oh my.

Atheist “Untarded” shirts are uncool.
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The top 10 anti-Christian acts of 2013
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  • Feminerd

    But there’s also an awesome one! Course, it’s not Christian.

    • Kevin Schelley

      well Lindsey Stirling is an anti gay mormon

      • Feminerd

        I don’t look into artists’ personal views. It’s a decision on my part to enjoy their music/art/performance/books/whatever without baggage attached. Lindsey Stirling is an amazing dancer and violinist, and since all I want from her is minor Youtube entertainment, that’s really all I care about in this case. I don’t look to celebrities for moral rectitude.

        Hell, I still read and enjoy Ender’s Game, and Orson Scott Card is a horrible person. If an artist can keep their personal views out of their art, then so can I. I perfectly understand if people disagree, and don’t want to listen/see/read art from people they disagree with. It’s an argument (more in the nature of friendly sniping, really) a friend and I have on a regular basis.

        • Ross Thompson

          Wagner was a huge racist and anti-semite, and he music remains popular. But sometimes it’s harder to maintain that distance, especially if the artist is still alive, and profiting from your patronage.

          • Feminerd

            Indeed. I certainly wouldn’t argue that I’m right in this. It’s just how I view this particular issue, and I totally get it if other people come at it in other ways or come to different conclusions.

          • Nate Frein

            For me it’s a question of where I see them spending profits. I stopped eating Chik-fil-a not because Cathy’s a raving bigot, but because some of the profit from that sandwich I ate, however small, goes to hate groups.

      • islandbrewer

        I knew she was mormon. But is she really anti-gay, or just kinda anti-gay by mormonic association? There are, believe it or not, pro-marriage equality/ pro gay people who are, for some inexplicable reason, still mormon.

        Please don’t ask me to explain what goes on in their heads.

  • Baby_Raptor

    My roommate is obsessed with this song. I greatly look forward to linking him these and giggling at the result. Thanks, Christina!

  • Glodson

    There is no way I am clicking those.

  • Jasper

    Are these supposed to be satirical, or serious? May have an actual Poe here

  • deislily

    You know, Macklemore’s most famous track before this one was about the righteousness of the gay-rights movement. So maybe these probably-anti-gay people should STFU.

  • Obliged_Cornball

    1st video – “Athiests”
    *head explodes*

  • Matthew Baker

    I think I need a lie down