How cool roommates resolve conflict.

I had left one of my cereal bowls in the kitchen sink and forgotten about it (I normally do all my dishes as I use them, it turns out that’s easier).  This bowl sat there for days and this morning I walked out to find a note next to the sink asking me to wash my bowl.

I fucking hate notes.  So even though this note was fair, it still drove me nuts.  So I texted Cambridge asking her to just talk to me next time.  She responded…

Yes.  Or would you also consider a bloody hand print on your window?  Too enigmatic?

I wrote back and told her that the hand print would at least give me an outlet for profit because I could write about it.  This was at about 11am.

About ten minutes ago, long after I had forgotten about this exchange, there was a very loud “thunk” on my window that caused me to leap out of my chair and to shit my pants before I had landed back in it.  I looked up to see…

So let that be a lesson kids: good roommates resolve conflicts with blood.

I know the most awesome people.  I’ll miss the shit out of her when I move away.

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