I’m a government shill for the Boston bombing false flag!

Christina here…

It started with a simple comment. While browsing Youtube videos, I came across one of the many videos claiming that the Boston bombing survivors who have had legs amputated were actors.

In the video, the narrator claims Adrianne Haslet-Davis and Heather Abbott (both lost their left legs below the knee in the bombing in nearly the same place I lost mine) were obviously frauds because, among other things, they were “sitting there like they have been doing this for years”

In the comments section, someone said:

I don’t know about amputee surgery but I would imagine it would take quite a while to get some sort of “centre of gravity” to sit that well on a bed or wheelchair??

Having gone through an amputation myself, I found this comment a little misguided, So I replied:

I’m an amputee, and it’s dead simple to sit in a bed or wheelchair after your amputation. It’s really nothing much to get used to.

I bet my friend five dollars that they’d soon declare I was a shill for the government.

I won:


This kind of vile  hatred and conspiracy would be easy to brush off if it weren’t so pervasive in nearly every. single. article. on the Boston bombing. It bothers me that people are so willing to shit on the misfortune of others in order to craft a narrative in which they’ve discovered some deep and important secret about the world in which they live.

Any fact you present to them is simply twisted to support their preferred narrative. I suppose the government hired me back in December and is paying me shitloads of money to drop my foot on my car car on my foot in January and then butter my foot with government MRSA and then literally watch it rot off the end of my leg so that government doctors can amputate my foot in February *takes a breath* in order for me to make a Youtube channel documenting my amputation for the purpose of convincing a few dudes in the comment section of Youtube that the actors who helped orchestrate the Boston bombing in April and forgot to add fake drains and hook up fake IV’s during their interviews didn’t actually need them. That makes perfect sense. I totally tricked you guys. I couldn’t trick those dudes in the comments section of Youtube though – they were too smart for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not actually feeling hurt or offended that a couple of dudes on Youtube called me a cunt and a bitch or accused me of being a government shill. I actually think it’s pretty funny.

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  • Zinc Avenger

    So how does one go about getting a place as an evil shill for the corrupt corporatist regime? There hasn’t been much work for us credulous moon-landing dupes lately and I’m thinking of branching out. I am wondering if the benefits are better on the Boston gig or the 9/11 troof denialist franchise.

    • http://twitter.com/Ziztur Christina Stephens

      To get in on the Boston bombing conspiracy, it’ll cost you an arm or a leg.*

      *I apologize for this pun.

      • http://andytehnerd.blogspot.com/ Andy The Nerd

        Can’t up-vote comment hard enough.

      • Zinc Avenger

        Puns. The worse they are, the better they are.

        Best/worst pun I’ve seen in a while. You are to be congratulated/reviled.

      • Artor

        I have to hand it to you, that deserves a foot in the…

      • Jeff

        I’m *stumped* as to how you can make such horrible amputation jokes.

      • Ted Thompson

        I find your argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  • Matthew Ostergren

    This is almost unbelievable. I only wish I didn’t know people myself who were this paranoid.

    • Glodson

      It is a confluence of events. It is both conspiracy theorists and youtube commenters. It is like a double whammy of fail.

  • TGAP Dad

    “You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into”

  • islandbrewer

    Did your false flag have a gold fringe? If it did, it was a military false flag, which means the US Constitution, which was written by God, was suspended.


  • Silent Service

    I think they need a serious ass kicking, but that’s just me. My great uncle spent most of his life walking on an old stype wooden leg and every so often somebody would give his shit for parking in a handycap spot. Alan lost his leg to a land mine in 1944, but because he could walk, he had to be faking it to these asshats. I can’t stand them.

  • JTEberhard

    It’s amazing how similar conspiracy theorists are to theists…

    • Billy Bob

      Something I have been thinking for a while after spending time on 9/11 truth videos on youtube. They are pretty damn similar. They both lash out at anyone who says they might be mistaken. 9/11 truthers, for example, make claims that are demonstrably false. Once I said something like that in a comment on a video. Within 3 hours, at least 6 truthers bombarded me with insults and accusations of being paid by the government. Not one tried to address what I said. Pretty telling what kind of people they are.

  • Glodson

    You must be a government shill. If you aren’t, that means a part of their government conspiracy doesn’t hold water and they don’t have special knowledge and maybe they are wasting their time on fiction.

    It isn’t like there’s a whole group of people just like that.

    Jesus loves you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/StrawberryBurns Tracy Graves Parker

    Christina, my heart goes out to you hun. I was two days away from having my leg amputated at one point. I was infected with MRSA while in the hospital for what was supposed to be a routine knee surgery. I spent months in the hospital fighting to live and keep my leg. Two days before the scheduled amputation I started to respond to the antibiotics and they put it off. I eventually recovered and was able to keep my leg. It has come back on me twice now, last time I almost lost my eyes to keep it from going to my brain. Some of these idiots on the net who pass judgement without having gone through anything close to what is being talked about need their keyboard privileges revoked. HUGS

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ashtoruin RJ Bernau

    Articles like this are why I wake up every morning. The stupidity of some people never ceases to make me laugh, you keep on keeping on.

  • eccles11

    Yeah! Why did you only get your foot amputated X months before the bombing? HUH? Why didn’t you start uploading videos about this before then?

    • Glodson


      And why would she make a series of blog postings about it? It was to set up this! She is in on it. The governments knows that these kooksinvestigators are onto them.

      It all makes sense. Instead of being independant of the bombing but related to the reality of amputation, she’s a shill. How much did they pay her!? How much did the government pay her to set herself up to be insulted by idiots on youtube!?

  • Matt

    Obviously Dave Attell is right. People with one leg have important information. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHcGLyrH4h4

  • Billy Bob

    I’ve been called a govt. shill more times than I can count. I frequent and post on a lot of forums. Many have sections about conspiracy theories(Obama birthers, truthers for any tragedy), and these people don’t even try to say anything rational. Just spin a big web of stupid, and call anyone who points out the stupidity a paid shill. They know their bullshit beliefs(not theories; you need evidence for those) cannot stand up to scrutiny so the have to opt for character assassination.

    The interesting thing is that these are the same people who constantly talk about how the government is so incompetent yet this same government seems to be able to pull off these vast conspiracies with almost flawless execution except for a few very obvious mistakes that would have been caught very early on by anyone with a functioning brain.

    • Glodson

      These theories fulfill a need. At least this has been my understanding of it. Those who believe them are special. The see the truth, they spin this narrative so that the government is both deadly efficient, yet totally ineffective.

      Since they see something no one else does, they are the special ones. As they communicate, they form a bubble. They reinforce each other, and they see those who detract to be enemies. They have to be, they must be. If you are merely right, even if your point doesn’t destroy the conspiracy, you threaten their sense of being special.

      They rationalize this away by not addressing your points, but by casting you as a villain. Another hurdle, put their by the government. Even though it doesn’t make sense.

      But if it took making sense to make it in as an element of a conspiracy theory, well, we wouldn’t be talking about this.

    • Adam.B

      There’s this guy I used to work with who’s a major conspiracy nut, you name it he believes it (911/newtown/boston truther, anti-vax, chemtrails, GMO’s, big pharma, 2012 etc). A few weeks ago he posted a theory to his facebook trying to explain why the evidence for the vast conspiracies where so obvious.

      His line of thought was if you start from the prospective that maybe the illuminati, who are of course secretly ruling the world, aren’t 100% bad then it stands to reason that someone on the inside is intentionally leaving clues so the smartest may save themselves when the new world order takes over.

      I’ll give you three guesses where he places himself in this scenario.

      • Billy Bob

        When they start twisting evidence against them into something they can use to advance their beliefs, they cross the line into the “crackpot” category.

  • Andrew Kohler

    These “truthers” must be sent from the Ministry of Truth, out of George Orwell’s 1984.

    I consider myself rather hard to surprise these days, but I have to say that these conspiracy theorists have managed to get me twice. After my shock and disgust at the Sandy Hook conspiracies, I should have been prepared for Boston Marathon conspiracies, and yet I am once again stunned. Maybe, Christina, you should tell these people that they are clearly government shills paid to make us think that the population is completely incompetent, immoral, and intellectually bankrupt, and that therefore the government must turn into a giant Nanny State to save us from ourselves.

    What infuriates me most, perhaps, is the completely unjustified air of expertise these people assume. Some of the Sandy Hook “truthers” adduced the “evidence” that parents of slain children smiled during interviews (of course the lunatics took out the audio so you couldn’t hear that they were telling stories about when their children were alive, although I guessed this was what they were saying instantly). Like these people have any knowledge of what it’s like to be in that unthinkable situation! It’s just like saying that of course amputees have to be doped up for weeks with IVs and couldn’t possibly sit down, as if they have any authority whatsoever on the subject. (Then again, neither do I, but it’s still obvious to me that a below-the-knee amputation of one leg would not impact the ability to sit still.) Same goes for the people who refuse to believe (the incredibly believable fact) that the Twin Towers could have collapsed from having burning planes inside of them–that’s never happened before!!! (Neither has a skyscraper *not* falling down with a burning plane in it, but never mind that.) It’s amazing how much of the population is expert on architecture, psychology, physical therapy, etc, isn’t it?

    Congratulations, Christina, at being thus accused. You’re clearly doing something right :-)

  • Sean Sherman

    I used to not give much credit to skepticism. These anti-government conspiracy theorists have pretty much got me there on their own. It used to be just religion, but now if you don’t have a rational search for truth as your first value, then you have no values and for all intents and purposes I might as well be typing in Wingdings.