Katelyn Campbell’s high school continues to try and silence her.

Last month I wrote about a high school student who called the ACLU and vociferously opposed the principal of George Washington High School when a preaching, abstinence-only speaker was invited to speak at the school.  Katelyn Campbell is still bound for prestigious Wellesley College, even though principal Aulenbacher threatened to badmouth her to them.

However, up to a week before graduation, Katelyn and a few of the other highest achieving academics were scheduled to speak at graduation, just like every year before.  But the school has now nixed that.

“This morning, I and several others were called into Mr. Aulenbacher’s office for a brief meeting. For several months, all of us had been told that as highest honors graduates, we would be permitted to speak briefly on the topics of our choice during our commencement exercises. Each of us had prepared a presentation and we were eagerly awaiting graduation in hopes of leaving a final mark on our graduating class. Mr. Aulenbacher made the decision that this would not be so.”

Aulenbacher says it’s to streamline the graduation process.  I guess the timing is just super convenient.  If I were a cynic (and I am), I’d say that a principal who doesn’t feel the least bit sorry, but who was denied the chance to be a bully in secret when the story went national, is covering his ass from a particularly bright and bold student who may just take the podium and call him out on his bullshit.

  • Glodson

    Look at what happens if we remove the stupid respect we are to pay religion. Look at what happens when we stand our ground and assert our rights as they try to trample them.

    This will happen more as people leave the religion. And as more leave, the more irreligious people will be comfortable being out as irreligious. This feedback will likely accelerate the process.

    And look at this. The man is trying to keep her from speaking out because of fear.

    Even as these things happen because we speak out, people will say we should respect them and fight. It is almost like that is tone trolling nonsense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.sherman.501 Sean Sherman

    I hope they know how many of us are proud of their courage at such a young age.

  • Quentin Long

    This Aulenbacher gink really doesn’t have a clue about the Streisand Effect, does he?