Want a job as an atheist? How about with one of the best organizations in the biz?

American Atheists is hiring!  I guess they’re doing alright for themselves.  This time they’re looking for a public policy director.

If hired, you’d be…

  • Arranging and taking meetings with Congressional and Administration officials.

  • Drafting action alerts for mass emails to American Atheists members.

  • Collaborating with coalitions of national nontheistic and secular organizations to create better outcomes for the nontheistic community in everyday life.

  • Monitoring federal legislative and administrative policies.

  • Monitoring state actions for bills and laws that violate the separation of religion and government.

  • Developing policy proposals related to secularizing the tax code

  • Preparing comments and other position statements.

  • Other tasks as assigned.

Candidates should have at least 3 years of professional experience in public policy and legislative affairs and have a degree in law or related to public policy as well as knowledge of the Constitution, federal government, and the tax code; excellent analytic and problem solving skills; creativity and leadership; knowledge of the legislative process; ability to work independently; and excellent written and verbal skills.

Hrm, this person will have to be knee deep in politics with a degree in law/public policy.  Ah well, maybe their next hire will be for a person who tells the plain truth regardless of who it pisses off.  Although, it seems like AA has plenty of that already.  No wonder they’re my favorites.  🙂

If you’re someone who fits this description and wants to work for a great organization (with great people like Dave Silverman, Dave Muscato, Amanda Knief, and Nick Fish), don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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