When your prayers are only ever answered by mortals, it’s time to stop asking god.

Saw another prayer request on Mark Shea’s blog that I thought begged for comment.

My reader who has been suffering from profound depression has a treatment option open to her, but will need resources to do it, particularly childcare every day for three weeks from 8 to 5.  FWIW, I’ve suggested she start a Kickstarter page or some other fundraising thing.  If she does, I will give youse guys the link because you are awesome and generous and have ridden to the rescue of Christ’s beloved in the past.

Take a moment to let the irony of praying to the architect of depression to cure depression sink in.  It’s like people beseeching Osama Bin Laden to put a stop to terrorism.

What’s more, if prayer works, you don’t need the Kickstarter page.  However, if human being are the solution to every problem facing, like the people donating to the Kickstarter page and the psychological experts who have dedicated their lives to understanding the operation of the human mind, then the Kickstarter page makes perfect sense.  People like Shea say they believe in a god who answers prayers, but then act like it’s all bullshit.

And if the depressed person is Christ’s beloved, why would Christ afflict them with depression?  And why are the efforts of people who are not all-powerful required?

Another reader writes to ask for prayer as he struggles with a deep crisis of faith.

Father, hear our prayer that your son will find his footing on the Rock who is Jesus Christ and place his complete trust in you.  Mother Mary and St. Thomas the Doubter, pray for him.

Send them to me.  I can help them.

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