Catch me on The Thinking Atheist tonight.

Tonight at 7pm EST I’ll be the guest on The Thinking Atheist.  I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Seth Andrews.  For someone I so admire to invite me on is a huge honor that doubtlessly will fuck up by being impolitic.

We’ll be talking about the arguments for god you hear from the people in the pews and I’ll be giving my analysis.  I imagine I’ll also answer some questions.  Good times will be had by all.

When you hear me say “Charizard” that will be my “hello” to all of you.

At the appointed hour, tune in by clicking here.

  • Art_Vandelay

    That was fantastic. Well done, JT. Seth is great as well. If anyone didn’t catch this and has an hour to kill, you totally should. If they ever ask, you should get on Cognitive Dissonance podcast as well. Those guys are hilarious. Seth and Hemant have both been on and they were awesome.

  • Foh-shay

    Bang-up job last night, JT. Really enjoyed it!

  • Gehennah

    Just got done listening to it on youtube, you did great.